Letter to Editor: City Council Meeting, Your Attendance Needed, Wednesday, April 24th 7 p.m. MSB

“They start with telling you 12 stories and then let you think you won when they sell it at 8 stories” a South City resident said. “And 8 stories is still 5 too many!”

South San Francisco, CA   April 18, 2019 by


Fellow South City residents have been working to let the City Council know we do not forget — they promised us no more than 5 (five) stories at the PUC Site in May 2018, yet the developer still continues to design the development as 8 stories and 800 units.
We need people to speak at the City Council meeting this Wednesday, April 24th at 7:00 p.m. to remind the City Council of their promise to us, the residents they are supposed to be representing.
If you missed the last meeting, you can view it here; your fellow residents spoke at 11:35 minutes into the meeting: CLICK HERE


The City is seeking to add 800 units to Mission Road on the vacant lot across from the Courthouse as part of a high-rise development. While our City Council last year instructed the developers 3-5-stories, the developer is now back to EIGHT STORIES in a SUNSHINE GARDENS! Is YOUR neighborhood next?
*This will forever change the feel of our neighborhood
        *More traffic congestion from the proposed Oak extension to Arroyo, on Holly, on ‘side streets’
        *Parking will be pushed onto other blocks
        *This will impact our City Council elections that are now by District
*This is in ADDITION to the 6-story 174 Unit planned for the Car Wash
*This is in ADDITION to the proposed Civic Campus, new Police and Fire Dept!
*This is in ADDITION to the build out of vacant lots in Sunshine Gardens
*This is in ADDITION to the proposed added building on the Courthouse site (mental)
*The City continues to approve more businesses creating this housing crisis

*VIEW/SHARE THIS VIDEO NOW! Council instructs 3-5-stories ONLY  https://bit.ly/2IfXumS


Attend Wed., April  24th Council Meeting, 7pm at the MSB

Speak/support residents public comments to ensure Council do what they assured our community, 5 stories!

Bring others!

*More info: SSFResidents4SmartGrowth.com

*GET INVOLVED! Contact info@SSFResidents4SmartGrowth.com

Your Neighbors

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