Letter to Editor: City Council Meeting, Your Attendance Needed, Wednesday, April 24th 7 p.m. MSB

“They start with telling you 12 stories and then let you think you won when they sell it at 8 stories” a South City resident said. “And 8 stories is still 5 too many!”

South San Francisco, CA   April 18, 2019 by


Fellow South City residents have been working to let the City Council know we do not forget — they promised us no more than 5 (five) stories at the PUC Site in May 2018, yet the developer still continues to design the development as 8 stories and 800 units.
We need people to speak at the City Council meeting this Wednesday, April 24th at 7:00 p.m. to remind the City Council of their promise to us, the residents they are supposed to be representing.
If you missed the last meeting, you can view it here; your fellow residents spoke at 11:35 minutes into the meeting: CLICK HERE


The City is seeking to add 800 units to Mission Road on the vacant lot across from the Courthouse as part of a high-rise development. While our City Council last year instructed the developers 3-5-stories, the developer is now back to EIGHT STORIES in a SUNSHINE GARDENS! Is YOUR neighborhood next?
*This will forever change the feel of our neighborhood
        *More traffic congestion from the proposed Oak extension to Arroyo, on Holly, on ‘side streets’
        *Parking will be pushed onto other blocks
        *This will impact our City Council elections that are now by District
*This is in ADDITION to the 6-story 174 Unit planned for the Car Wash
*This is in ADDITION to the proposed Civic Campus, new Police and Fire Dept!
*This is in ADDITION to the build out of vacant lots in Sunshine Gardens
*This is in ADDITION to the proposed added building on the Courthouse site (mental)
*The City continues to approve more businesses creating this housing crisis

*VIEW/SHARE THIS VIDEO NOW! Council instructs 3-5-stories ONLY  https://bit.ly/2IfXumS


Attend Wed., April  24th Council Meeting, 7pm at the MSB

Speak/support residents public comments to ensure Council do what they assured our community, 5 stories!

Bring others!

*More info: SSFResidents4SmartGrowth.com

*GET INVOLVED! Contact info@SSFResidents4SmartGrowth.com

Your Neighbors

#slowtheroll #pausethepowers

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3 years ago

there will be a sub committee meeting with a new asst. city mgr. regarding SB50 and changing zoning around the city.
we are experiencing the transformation of our town into something of a mixed soup of anything the City wants to make of it.

We have done our fair share of building. We have seen the recent round of rezoning. Air B n’ Bs are popping up all over town
I have one across the street from me in a residential area. People coming in all HOURS of the night weeds from overgrown unkept lawns. This is what SB 50 has done to our Industrial City.

The City should allow voters to decide not the city council. Most cities allow this. We get a committee. It isn’t fair. Put it on the ballot. We pay the taxes, we decide how we want to live not someone in Sacramento. SHOW UP ! SPEAK UP!

Cynthia Marcopulos
Cynthia Marcopulos
3 years ago

So people know, the PUC site comments would be given under the public comment portion of the meeting. The PUC Site is not an agenda item at this meeting, but if you care about your city (look at the carwash), then people should show an interest and attend to speak and support those residents who do speak.