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South San Francisco CA   April 26, 2019




South City musician, Jorge Raul Santellan, caught our interest with his current project ‘100 Songs in 100 Days’. Intrigued, we had to learn more and share with our wider community, this incredible inspirational talent which deserves to be highlighted. To listen to this excellent collection CLICK HERE

What is this 100 songs in 100 days?

The 100 songs in 100 days is something that we, Abner Celajes and myself, came up with to exclusively release each track and give it its own showcase. Hopefully give the people something to look forward to for a few months. We honestly didn’t know what to do with so many songs recorded in a fairly quick amount of time. At first we had decided to release them all on one day on a link. We wanted to prolong our hard work and decided to release each one for 100 days by creating a karaoke like video link through Youtube.

From there, it is released in


After about 50 songs have been released we will begin to have access streaming on all major distributors such as Spotifiy, Amazon Music, and so on. Every 15-20 tracks we release I am hoping to release an Official/actual music video with the song. With life taking it’s toll with what is priority and important, I try my best to find the time to make it since it’s usually me creating the film, editing, and all that other good stuff that comes with releasing a song.

While this 100 days of One G music is in effect, we have created a hashtag that we are hoping can make it easier for the people to reach our music. #100DaysOfOneGMusic allows folks to even google search and find One G music. Keep that lookout. We are still recording as we get that itch. So who knows, it may go past 100 the way our chemistry is.

Our current news release informs the public we will be streaming on all major music companies such as Spotify, and Amazon Music under One G by late May 2019, so keep a look out! {scroll to the bottom to see the list of songs linked to}


So, how many people are on your team, and what is the name?

We go by One G, we are a team that organically are building a brand. We are mainly two of us with the driving force behind it. Abner Celajes who is a major writer for the team and myself who is a little bit of everything. The writing, recording, mixing, mastering, filming, film editor, and a little bit more if we add what we have to do on the social media end of the spectrum. The name One G had originally started by me being a disc jockey and performing at night clubs and private events throughout the bay area. My good friend Edward Johnson had given me the name. Originally named J Smooth prior to that, but changed it when I saw it as a name for a smoothie company in New Orleans. Eventually, the Dj One G disc jockey had turned to a group of friends writing, making beats and recording music. Creating a confident, Kango dickies Locs wearing rhyming character in the stories created by the writers.

How did you come to create your group?

Originally, when we were younger, a bunch of us from the North Spruce area in South San Francisco were already recording and dropping songs. At that time, I was doing a little of both. Recording music on my spare time to performing as a disc jockey in San Francisco night clubs such as Suite 181, Lot 46, Impala, and many more as a resident for Supwidit Productions who became ipartyevents after a couple years.

Most of the songs we were all recording were being recorded in a studio inside a garage on North Spruce which we named “Land Of 1000 Heads Studio” between 2006-2014. Thank you Cuya J for allowing this to happen. There I learned how to record music with Ed1000 from South San Francisco whom I grew up with, along with his family at a young age. He taught me pretty much everything I know now about recording. He not only taught me how to record. He set me up with the tools needed to make a recording happen. We also recorded a couple of songs together and I’ve used a couple of his beats that he made. One that he made in fifteen minutes. Til this day I still go to him for recording advice.

During that time me and Abner Celajes were getting to know each other at the South San Francisco Kaiser Pharmacy. We were both clerks. At times, Abner would catch me writing lyrics on downtime. He then would also send me lyrics to put together songs. Eventually, me and Abner became very close. Our chemistry with song writing and recording is something I have never read, seen, or experienced. It worked and sounded good. Not just to me, but the people whom I trusted for an honest opinion David Barajas who was not only an ear for me, but my right hand man when it came to coming with me as Disc jockey, making beats, music business advice, and music track advice. A huge player in the One G music. It wasn’t until after the 2006-2014 era of “Land Of 1000 Heads” where me David and Abner got intense with the writing, recording and mixing. {Scroll down for list of videos}



Between 2014-15, music was beginning to take a hiatus. Less important than providing a secure income for my family. Not to mention, my voice was not very appealing to me in the previous song releases. The lyrics were there the instrumentals were there. I was just insecure about my voice and having the experience as a decent disc jockey, I felt the truth that the music did not sound good. Wanting that fame and fortune faded. From there, I was looking for a career that would make me more money than what I was making at the pharmacy.

In 2015, I was accepted into the Local 30 Stationary Engineer Apprenticeship. In the first couple years music was not in my agenda nor did I feel I was going to pursue. My love for music was definitely there. Just not the same dream to play it in. It was always in the back of my mind but my apprenticeship was my priority. I was still writing songs and Abner would continue to send me ready tracks. The drive just was not there.

In late 2017, I was inspired by a friend who said I should keep recording. That it sounded good. The next day, pretty much at the break of dawn I recorded. I recorded a song called “Say I Do” with I guess you can call a morning voice. I liked it. I felt it had potential. After a couple more songs I was able to really get the tone down. I knew the “tone” had to be appealing to the ear. I felt this new tone was raspy, scary, aggressive, deep and sexy all at the same time based on the type of song we were recording. So I began digging into the songs that we had written and began to record.

When I first started recording the songs it was taking anywhere from 1-2 weeks for 1 song. As I got to learn the style, melodies, rhythms, articulations, the songs got easier to record. It went from 25 to 75 to over 100 songs recorded between 8-10 months. Really, I didn’t expect it to happen. I saw something there that had potential to go far. Put me in a tunnel vision. It turned to a hobby of passion to a hobby that got personal. A Person that had to be personal that would rather be private. That’s me. Before, I did want all that “Limelight” fame. After setting up microphones for famous artist and DJs. I realized I don’t. Prior to 2015 I would show my face in the music videos. I did want all that attention. After successfully becoming an Engineer for a hospital and having a good life. I wouldn’t want to change it for the world. I am happy. I don’t know if its just me, but I have seen a lot of artist lives get ruined due to putting themselves out there. I would rather just share our music. Which we will do.

As recording went on, we felt we needed to feature some artist to mix things up on the music we were creating. Most of whom are from South San Francisco, I reached out and began to see who was willing to jump on song. Illa C, Miss Honeysteez, Mr. Showtime, Don Julio, Rymeeze, and Sco-tino all agreed coming out of South San Francisco. I had also joined forces with some friends outside of South San Francisco simply because they were into music and at the right spot at the right time. Beats by Sacred out of the Mission District San Francisco whom I had the pleasure to get my Engineering education with. My Chal the K.D, Kayhan, Double-00-jk all out of Vallejo Ca. Please make sure your look them up and add to your list. From there we became One G Music. {Scroll down for list of videos}

What education was required to do what you do?

I have been involved with music since second grade playing the trumpet as my first instrument under the direction of Mr. Hersch in Hillside elementary for a couple years. I was then transferred to Martin elementary school where I was involved with Choir with Mr. Neil Roston. In Middle school I attended Parkway Heights and study under the direction of Mr. Sandoval. In South San Francisco High school under the direction of Mr. Fred Cadiente my music skills expanded learning to play Jazz, Symphonic, Marching band, and Drum Corp. In each level of class, reading music, listening to tone to make sure the melody is in tune, standard counts (meaning not just counting, but feeling when keeping time), came with every level of practice. As I got older, I had learned the skills of becoming a disco jockey from the age of 15 years old from my brother in law. Beat matching took me 1 year to learn only to actually get it in 1 minute. Killed me. From there I was taught by my good friend Ed1000 how to record, mix, an master digital recording programs. My weapon of choice is Protools. Patience had to be relearned over and over again only because practicing was very repetitive. Practice does make perfect.


How long have you been at it?

I have been involved with music since second grade. My first teacher was Mr. Hersch inHillside Elementary. I was only there for a couple years and was then transferred to Martin School which was closer to my home. There, I was choir class with Mr. Roston and was pretty much the only music I did there. Once in Junior High, under the direction of Mr. Sandoval in Parkway Heights Middle School, I became much more involved in band. Throughout high school under the direction of Mr. Fred Cadiente I had joined other programs with the music program. There I expanded my experience with Drum Corps, Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic, and Marching band where I also was chosen to lead the Marching band as the Drum Major. As for the music for the One G camp. The first song that it started in the “Land Of 1000 Studios” in 2009. Haven’t stopped since besides the 2 years between 2015-2017. Crazy. I feel like it’s only the beginning.

What goals do you and your team have in the long term?

At this point our life. Most of us work and have growing families. I just want to continue growing with my family, continue with my career as a Stationary Engineer at the hospital, and continue to make music. All styles/genres of music. Music is forever. So where it goes who knows. I love to create it. I would really like to lead as a musician as an example of working hard. It’s not just about working for the lime light and fame. I work a normal job and live a normal life like everyone else. I personally don’t want any of that lime light stuff. To prove something I may not be. To be ridiculed or to be embarrassed. Don’t have to be a rockstar to do music. Of course, most of us want to be financially stable. That would accomplish one of my goals. To make sure that the people who supported me are taken care of financially. To be able to give back to society. Prolly the only reason I am so out there. Can’t happen if I keep it in the studio. Another future plan is the One G camp and South San Francisco native, Daniel Rodriguez, owner of Bay Blood barbershop and clothing in South San Francisco, working together on a collaboration for future One G merchandise. Stay tuned!

One G “My City” Official Music Video is dedicated to his hometown, good ole South City. Listen HERE.

Besides videos, do you perform live, if so, where? What instruments played?

I don’t plan on performing live. The life style is a little fast. I like it slow. It’s been a long time as it is even being a disco jockey at a party. I feel most comfortable just recording and releasing. I am very happy where I am at. My home, my job, the music. Providing the music is all I want to give. As for what instruments I play. I can play a variety of instruments. I learned musical theory early in my music experience. I feel if you know musical theory you can pick up an instrument and at least get a couple chords out of it. The main ones I use are the mic, my turntables, the keyboard/piano, trumpet, and guitar. I try to learn a song or at least practice ones I know to keep the chops fresh. The different genres of music help keep me interested.


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Scroll down for list of videos


New songs released in the last 12 days Youtube links

“No Limits No Boundaries”
Official Music Video
Day 1

“My City”
Official Music Video
Day 2

Lyrical Content Video
Day 3

“One Time (HaHa)”
Lyrical Content Video
Day 4

“Make It Pop”
Lyrical Content Video
Day 5

“Highs And Bass”
Lyrical Content Video
Day 6

“Take No Loss”
Lyrical Content Video
Day 7

Lyrical Content Video
Day 8

“This Or That”
Lyrical Content Video
Day 9

“Give You What You Want”
Lyrical Content Video
Day 10

“The Truth”
Lyrical Content Video
Day 11

Lyrical Content Video

Previous releases Youtube links

“Love And Pain”
Official Music Video

“Corner Of My Eye”
Official Music Video

“Let Me Grow”
Visual Slide Video

“‘Dancing In The Rain”
Visual Slide Video

“Gotta Stay A G”
Official Music Video

“I’ll Just See You Later”
Official Music Video

“Slow Song”
Official Music Video

“Look At Me Now”
Visual Slide Video

“Can You Feel Me”
Official Music Video

“Good Game”
Official Music Video

“Let Me Be The One”
Official Music Video

Official Music Video


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