Amazing Weekly Bargains at South City Grocery Outlet Continue to Make YOUR $$ go Further!

South San Francisco, CA   May 1, 2019  Submitted by South City Grocery Outlet

PREFACE: With costs skyrocketing in South City (housing, childcare, healthcare, gas, taxes, food and more!), and pretty much everywhere nearby, families are working extra hard to find ways to stretch those hard earned dollars, something shared as well with many smaller households. South City Grocery Outlet is the perfect place to find good quality fresh foods at the best prices, as well as all the food and household items we need. Our local Grocery Outlet is owned by our neighbors, David and Michelle Ratcliffe (read more CLICK HERE), who run this family business understanding how important food quality, service and price mean to us all, and they are committed to offering us only the best. Their appreciation for community extends far beyond their store, they are always there when help is needed as shown by their outreach after the Paradise Fire, their participation in our GAME ONES and their continued support of Everything South City through their monthly sponsorship.

Please support our local businesses, especially as they support our community. CLICK HERE for more on South City Grocery Outlet

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