Join AGI-KASA Developers for SSF PUC Workshop #3 on May 28 from 5:30pm-7:30pm

South San Francisco, CA   May 17, 2019  Press Release

Hi Everyone. We’ll be hosting our SSF PUC Community Workshop #3 on May 28, from 5:30 to 7:30pm at 33 Arroyo Drive in the City Council Chambers. A lot of activity and evolution to our SSF PUC development has occurred since we last met in late January. We will be presenting the latest designs of our development, including updates to our planned parks, childcare facilities, building design, market hall, affordable housing and other important community benefits. Please join us to learn more. Food and refreshments will be provided.

If you’re not able to attend the meeting, make sure to add your ideas and comments on our site here. We’ll also be posting a meeting recap so you don’t miss out on any new details. Thank you!





NOTE: Below are renderings being offered by this potential developer as they continue to present 8-story towers, although former Mayor Normandy instructed the project to be 3-5-stories CLICK HERE for video of that meeting. Local neighbors have been vocal they do not want ‘stack n pack’ housing in their residential neighborhoods, for more information, please check with SSF Residents 4 Smart Growth CLICK HERE



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Lane Melgarejo
Lane Melgarejo
1 year ago

I am very interested .How does one apply or avail for the affordable housing unit of the PUC South San Francisco , or to apply for the unit … just asking in advance …

Matt Butler
Matt Butler
3 years ago

The City Council clearly set a consensus height limit of 5 stories. But AGI/KASA is just as clearly ignoring that guidance from the City Council and trying to push 8 stories at this latest public meeting on May 28th. They are not listening to the community and are just paying lip service to residents. Their attitude at this meeting was very condescending, mocking concerns of nearby residents with statements like “Hey, I can still see San Bruno Mt.” referring to their own “artist’s renderings” . Additional comments from the developer that people standing on Mission Road would not be able to see the 8 story tower are just ridiculous.