Letter to Editor: Pedestrian Crosswalk needed on Westborough Blvd at I-280 and Junipero Serra Blvd

South San Francisco, Ca   May 21, 2019 by Jeffrey Tong

Dear Mayor Matsumoto and City Council, et al:

Westborough Blvd at I-280 has a treacherous design flaw, which I brought to Kevin Mullin’s attention when he was still a city councilmember.  Jerry Hill, Mark Hershman, and Marc Nagales, Jackie Speier’s aide at the time, were also informed.  Caltrans said I-280 southbound offramp is their jurisdiction, but has an agreement with SSF, whereby SSF is financially responsible. I recently brought Junipero Serra x Westborough to David Canepa’s office, and SMC public works director also emailed me back putting the responsibility upon SSF.

Solution is simple, and relatively low cost.  Will SSF rectify this treacherous two block segment of Westborough before any more people are killed?





Thank you!
Jeffrey Tong

PS This letter supports Michael Harris’ letter statement that “SMC & SSF are waging a war against seniors, poor, disabled, veterans, disabled veterans.”   EDIT MADE {noted below }

North County bus stops & shelters badly need benches & weather protection.
It took me 5+ years to finally get the 3 glass panes replaced at Arroyo Drive & El Camino Real.
Karyl Matsumoto helped as well.
The 2 Colma stops below HD, both need help, shelters.
The Serramonte Transit Mall needs the overhead displays when buses are due.
The Colma BART station shelters have these.
It rains more in North County.
Daly City & Colma are the most needing.
Arlington to Arroyo is an accident waiting to happen.
One day, I may wait at that bus stop & ask to ride FREE, just 1 stop.
We will see what happens. In either case, I will revert results.
When I get a ride uphill to Seton MC, I walk back rather than pay $2.75 for all day ticket to take 2 buses.
Residents > 70 who do not drive should get a break. I gave up driving after Desert Storm.
Calif wanted SSN for D/L & ID. This does not apply to illegals.
Did Sacto ever hear of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 1 of Calif Constitution.
Miller v. Nevada, Edwards v. California, Gitlow v. New York, Wisconsin v. Yoder, Bowen v. Roy, Thomas v. Indiana Employment Review Board are well settled case law.
We need a WEB-olution here.
After my last 2 cortisione injections, I walked home. One injection was my hurting right knee.
I walked down to Target, $ Tree, past Kohls.
Just getting a ride over this dangerous section would help.
Instead, I crossed El Camino Real at Kohl’s, walked down El Camino Real, then Old Mission Road to McClellan Drive.
I stopped at TJ, Chase for cup of chocolate, Costco, up Greenridge Stairs & home.
It took 2+ hours to get home.
Cal Trans should have fixed this dangerous section of road in Colma & SSF.
SMC & SSF have war against seniors, poor, disabled, veterans, disabled veterans.
I hope after the 2020 election, North County will improve.
I think SMC needs more Supervisor seats, smaller districts: 9 or 11 sounds good.
If you want people to give up driving, you have to make public transit possible, not impractical.
Mike Harris (age 73)
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