Message from SSFUSD Regarding Incident Near El Camino High School Friday; Encourage ‘Buddy System’

South San Francisco, CA   May 6, 2019  Submitted by SSF neighbor

Dear El Camino High School Community,

Please be aware of the following report of suspicious activity that occurred in the community near El Camino High School. A student has reported that on Friday after school, May 3rd, at approximately 3:45pm, an unidentified male individual in a vehicle drove up to a female student who was walking home from school. From inside of his vehicle, the man asked the student if she wanted a ride home. The man repeated his request three times. The student did not comply, found another adult in the immediate area, and the man drove away. The student was unharmed and was not approached again after leaving the area.


The vehicle is described as a silver four-door car, and the man is described as African American in his late 20’s. South San Francisco Police were immediately notified after the incident and the matter is currently being investigated. We ask that parents and guardians remind their students to be cautious of strangers, to be aware of their surroundings, and to report any suspicious activity or any interactions that make them uncomfortable.


We also encourage the “buddy system” as much as possible when walking to and from school. Should you have any questions or information about this incident, you may contact the South San Francisco Police Department at 650-877-8900.


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