Raffle Prizes Sought for Upcoming Fundraiser for 9 Month Old Battling Brain Cancer; Please help

South San Francisco, CA   May 2, 2019

Elena was healthy and happy 5-month old when a high fever revealed every parents worse fear; their baby girl was diagnosed with cancer.

South City natives, Ashley and Freddy Cosino, are the proud parents of baby Elena, this amazingly beautiful sweet baby girl, who is now fighting for her life after being diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer.  After much researching, they found promise with a medical treatment out of State, which is now showing some positive results, but at an expense none of us could afford on our own.

And while it appears they have been successful in finding the right treatment plan for Elena, the costs for the treatment – and life expenses – are piling up which is a distraction they don’t need when they have family, friends and our great South City community to help.

To that end, please, please, please – if you have raffle prizes or gift cards, or anything you can donate for the upcoming fundraiser this Sunday May 5th it would be greatly appreciated. We have some pretty incredible businesses, clubs, and kind souls in our community – please help us connect them to this worthy cause.

If you can help, please contact Elena’s Aunt Karen CLICK HERE for more information. (edit – adding email address directly here  karen.yolangco@gmail.com  }


Elena is experiencing positive results from her treatment she is receiving in Texas, the only place they could find a possible cure.


To read more about Elena’s story CLICK HERE

Please keep Elena, and her family, in your thoughts and prayers.

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