Real Estate New Classes Forming NOW (CSM!)

South San Francisco, CA  May 20, 2019 Submitted by Marc Got

Sign-ups are NOW for College of San Mateo Summer (and Fall) classes.

Want to learn about Real Estate?  Want to maybe get a RE License?

(It is often stated that “More Money’s made in RE than any other sector of the American economy!”)


RE Principles 100   Key legal principles for a very good start.  Provides much of the foundational law, concepts, and vocabulary for your success in most other RE courses.  Will meet 6:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for a quick 8 weeks beginning 11 June 2019. Course Registration Number (CRN) is 50730.  Recommended…to take, include this RE100 class in your first term of RE studies.


RE Practice 110 – Some legal and practical things agents must do to earn (with some hard work) their famous “Super-sized Commissions.” Career Opportunities, getting started successfully in the trade. Will meet 6:30pm Monday and Wednesdays beginning 10 June 2019. Course Registration Number (CRN) is 54642.

(CSM Fall classes are also accepting sign-ups NOW, including these Real Estate offerings:

RE Principles 100 – Tuesday evenings beginning 20 August, CRN 82868

RE Practice 110 —   Wednesday eves beginning 14 August, CRN 82873, and

RE Finance 131 — Learn about purchase loans and how to get good ones, Monday eves beginning 19 August, CRN 88106.)

ALL courses are FULLY ACCREDITED (!) and count towards a REAL ESTATE LICENSE!

QUESTIONS about classes (or licensure)? Email:

SIGN UP(REGISTER, ENROLL, AND PAY SMALL FEES to KEEP your seat(s) in your class(es)…..)  Online, or give the nice Admissions Office folks the CRN numbers above…on: 650/574-6165.   


(CSM offers these and more RE classes, plus Business, Management, Accountancy, Computers, and a wide range of additional subject selections.)



(Note: those who were unable to get seats last time are ESPECIALLY invited to sign up now!  (Please remember to Pay fees to keep seats!) CSM has an active Financial Aid program, ask.   First-come, first-served, when these new classes fill they will be full. Thank you for understanding and WELCOME to CSM!)

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College of San Mateo
3 years ago

Hi nice people!
The featured Summer RE class, RE110 Practice…still has a couple seats available….it sure will be nice to add a couple SSF-area folks now! What will all the big real estate developments and money happening right now in SSF.

but alas, the Summer RE100 Principles class is full already.. If you’d like…you can still sign up now for the Summer RE110 Practice class (Course Registration Number 54642) and also for the FALL Real Estate Principles 100 class -which will begin on Tuesday evenings in August (Course Reg No. 82868)… a couple weeks after you complete the Summer Practice 110 class………………so everything can still flow really nicely for you.

650/574-6165 for sign-up help….Admissions. Thanks and Welcome (we hope!)
Last call for the featured summer RE110 Practice class…


College of San Mateo
3 years ago

Will love to get a few more SSF-San Bruno-Pacifica-DC area folks into the summer Real Estate Practice 110 class now!
(Look around and see….our local Real Estate is THE big story in our community (both good and possibly otherwise?)…
Summers are wonderful on campus (and very pleasant, no crowds and tons of easy available parking)…
Please consider signing up now to join us!?
(And who can say, you might discover you really like this and… may even decide to get your own RE License…and maybe even start working to earn some of the $$$$$$$ for yourself and your family? We had 100 percent student success in our last RE110 class…so I bet you can do this too! …come on and sign up, give yourself a chance…give it a try!? Best, m/CSM)

College of San Mateo
3 years ago

ps: Now is the time to sign up (and pay the small fee). The very nice Admissions staff are on duty now (3pm Thurs 23 May) and will be open as follows:
Friday 24 May 8 to 12 noon only!
Sat, Sun, Monday 27 Closed.
Tues Wed Thursday .. 8 to 4:30p
Friday May 31 8 to 12 noon.
————————————————-Summer Real Estate Practice is Course Registration Number 54642 and will meet Monday and Wednesday evenings for a quick 8 weeks, signups are now. Thanks.
and…hopefully…Welcome to CSM!

College of San Mateo
3 years ago

Quick Update:

The summer Real Estate 100 class is about full ALREADY (and so will need to close very soon).
HOWEVER, new people may still be able to get into the Summer Real Estate 110 Practice of Real Estate class!
This is a very interesting class. We look at some of the practical and legal things successful Real Estate agents do…to earn
their famous “super-sized” commissions ($$$)… and we discuss how to get started Successfully (and as quickly as you want).
RE 110 Practice will meet 6:30p Monday and Wednesdays for a quick 8 weeks.
Summers are really nice on this beautiful campus overlooking the Bay Area, and its very easy to reach right off the freeway (AND with TONS of parking).
Sign-ups may be completed online, OR just call the very nice Admissions staffers on 650/574-6165 for any needed assistance enrolling (or paying the small fees, Financial Aid program also available). Please have this Course Registration Number: 54642… and your Visa or Mastercharge card ready and allow the staff a few minutes to get you enrolled properly. Give them a good, working email address so we can send you some helpful introductory information, and we will look forward very much to meeting you at the first class meeting Monday 10 June!
(Course and licensure info:
(Signup and fee help: 650/574-6165

Thanks for your consideration and, we hope..WELCOME to CSM!