SSFPD Media Release: Major Injury Collision, Bicyclist vs Auto on Westborough Blvd

South San Francisco, Ca   May 29, 2019  Submitted by SSFPD

On May 25, 2019 at about 9:00 pm, a bicyclist was struck while traveling eastbound on Westborough Boulevard approaching Olympic Drive by a vehicle turning onto Olympic Drive from westbound Westborough Boulevard. The 25 year old bicyclist sustained serious, but non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The driver of the vehicle was cooperative with the investigation, determined not to be under the influence and remained on scene through the investigation. The driver was found to be at fault for the collision for failing to yield to the bicyclist.

Victim   Information


Last Name: First Name: Age: 25 Sex: F
City of Residence: San Jose, CA Occupation: Unemployed
Injuries: Fractured orbital bone and broken left arm Where Taken: SFGH
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Steve Atrickson
Steve Atrickson
3 years ago

one of the most dangerous locations on the peninsula…
1. southbound Gellert Blvd cars turn west up Westborough and immediately….actually…you wouldn;t believe it until you see it but they really do cross 3 fast traffic lanes…illegally of course and no signals and many of them don’t even look for approaching traffic at all….lots of honking and near-wrecks….why?
they want to turn south on Olympic. When they could just have continued south on Gellert or else go up Westborough to Galway a block past Olympic , or Callan.

A police officer could write so many tickets for this… to pay off the state debt!
The city traffic engineer needs to fix this!

ALSO, Westborough should not permit the weave lane where southbound 280 freeway drivers weave across local traffic going into the shopping center. The speeds involved and the short weave distance permitted….make THIS too… a very dangerous design.

Third, Westbough is over-loaded with traffic, period….and you can get caught for up to 4 traffic light signal cycles (!) just trying to get through the Westborough -Gellert intersection. Or 2 signal cycles at the Westbough-Callan intersection. Yesterday, cars were backed up halfway to 280, waiting to cycle through the Orange and ECR signals. It took 5 signal cycles to clear that mess! No wreck in sight, just over-loaded with traffic (from all the new ugly, crowded tenements the city is building…and more).

WIth the planned third city hall at ECR/Westborough/Chestnut….traffic congestion and accidents will only get worse.
Just saying…SSF is going downhill like a truck off a cliff.

And…for all the many folks who HATE with a PASSION the entire idea of the Secret KGB Stasi SS type Ghost Cop cars…
this is a good argument for your cause…. because one thing that would help prevent accidents and fatalities and also help ease the traffic flow would be to retire the ghost cop cars and put those fine officers out on the corner directing traffic safely and smoothly through the blocked intersections our city council has afflicted us with

the police could do some real good for us all.

PS: also, the median left turn lane lights for Westborugh East onto Gellert North, have not been replaced for months.
This slows down the traffic flow and has caused several near-miss accidents….as drivers look for the light and it isn’t there and some of the proceed without noticing the second, side light pole on the sidewalk

and.. the left turn pocket lanes all over need to be extended, as they are too short and some cars don’t just go to the next corner to turn, instead the cars park in the high speed traffic lane waiting for a space to open (turn lights to cycle a couple times) so they can squeeze into the LT pocket)=..this is especially bad at the same WBorough corner we are discussing, but it also is true up at Callan and at ECR/Hickey

hopefully, the city folks will read this and…fix the problems…thanks.

D. Walker
D. Walker
3 years ago

Bravo-I agree Steve ??