Bronstein Music Under New Ownership of Ron Graham

South San Francisco, CA   June 26, 2019 Submitted by Bronstein Music

And the beat goes on!


On July 1st, 2019, the proverbial “keys to the kingdom” of Bronstein Music will be handed over for a second time in its 73-year history.
In 1946, Milt Bronstein opened the doors to Bronstein Music after serving in WWII as General Patton’s bandleader. Upon his retirement in 1981, Milt sold the store to two of his long-time employees, Rich Welker and Don Edwards, who each started working for Mr. Bronstein in their high school years. Rich and Don continued the mission of Bronstein Music, which is to provide quality instruments and service to musicians of all ages and abilities. In order to focus more on serving the rental and repair needs of school-based music programs, Don and Rich moved the store from its long-time home on Grand Avenue to 305 3rd Lane in South San Francisco in 2018.
On July 1, 2019, long-time employee Ron Graham will assume ownership of Bronstein Music, continuing the mission of supporting music programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Ron began working at Bronstein Music in 1990 as a private saxophone and clarinet instructor while attending San Francisco State University and performing in prominent venues throughout the region. In 2000, Ron began to apprentice as a musical instrument repair technician, and became a full-time repair technician in 2004.
Everything that our customers have grown to know and love about Bronstein Music will continue in its new era. Rich and Don will still be on hand to assist Ron during this transition period, and they will all strive to preserve the mission of Bronstein Music. Along with long-time employees Jeff Cotton and Amanda Scheliga, Bronstein Music will continue to rent, repair, and sell musical instruments, and to provide schools and students the supplies they need to succeed.

Closed July 2nd to July 4th

We will be closed the following days for a computer system upgrade!

  • July 2nd
  • July 3rd
  • July 4th

Please bear with us as we make the transition as seamless as possible!




To All Current Renters…

Have no fear, your contracts are staying exactly the same!

All contracts starting prior to June 30th, 2019 will continue to be maintained by our current (the “old”) system until their completion.
Every rental will retain the terms on the contract and will still include all of our great benefits:
  • Up to six months of rent on a used rent-to-own or any rent-to-rent instrument will apply toward the purchase of a brand new instrument.
  • All standard maintenance (not including abuse or negligence) is covered during the contract
  • Free pickup and delivery for repairs and returns for our participating South Bay schools

Stay tuned to our website for our new, revamped rental program starting in July

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jeffrey suits
jeffrey suits
2 years ago

Hey, Ron–

Good fer you!

Jeff S

Anthony Tosti
Anthony Tosti
2 years ago

Do you still carry euphonium sheet music?


Ed cornett
Ed cornett
2 years ago

Ron, thanks for your reply and comment. I will keep what you said in mind about inventory, etc. but if there is a product my students or I need, I will certainly check in with you and most likely purchase whatever you can get for us.
With your energy and Rich and Don’s help, I’m sure success is in your future.
All the best to you and everyone who may remember me.

Ed Cornett

ronald graham
ronald graham
2 years ago

Gee thanks Ed! How could I forget Bronstein’s best former salesman? So glad you are keeping the music going and enjoying life in sunny AZ. This is easily the biggest challenge of my life but with Rich and Don’s help I’ll get by.
We downsized quite a bit so we don’t have a lot of inventory, focusing mainly on student model rentals, repairs, and school supplies. We moved from the big store to a much smaller location near the old spot, so I’m not sure how much I can provide in the way of product, but I certainly appreciate your good wishes and prayers for the future.
Thanks so much,

Ed cornett
Ed cornett
2 years ago

To: Ron Graham…Congratulations!
I hope you remember me. I remember you and wish you great success in your new venture. After I left Bronstein in 2007 to move to Arizona, I have continued to play music and teach. There are times when I need materials myself, or have students and musician friends who need to purchase product. Because of my affection for the Bronstein philosophy of honesty and fairness, I would like to be able to recommend you to my students and friends.
Please inform me of your decision of just what merchandise you will be carrying or can get.
Thanks in advance and I am glad you will be carrying on the Bronstein name in music!