Southline – A Proposed 25-Acre Business Park Development Seeks Public Input

South San Francisco, CA  June 13, 2019

Citing the area is not zoned for housing, the 25-acres east of the Centennial Trail, near the San Bruno border, may become a new business park according to Lane Partners, who have assembled over 25 acres of ‘functionally obsolete warehouse space and vacant land for the purpose of creating a Class A office and/or life science campus’. This location is close to public transportation with San Bruno BART and SamTrans nearby. ‘We are envisioning revitalization of the current area to create a pedestrian experience complete with open space, streetscape improvements, and retail – all accessible to public transit’ their website explains {CLICK HERE}



More from their website:

What’s There Now

An incredible location within steps of the San Bruno BART Station and less than 3/4 mile to the San Bruno Caltrain Station. The project is also adjacent to the soon to be renovated Shops at Tanforan Mall and the San Bruno Towne Center.

What’s Happening Next

We plan to submit our formal planning application in the coming months.

To leave comments for the developer on this project, or to read other people’s comments, please CLICK HERE.



Public Benefits

Open Space
The project will have expansive outdoor open space ideal for impromptu meetings, casual gatherings, and curating innovative ideas
Pedestrian Streetscape
The project will provide a first class walking and biking experience complete with mature landscaping. Pedestrians will enjoy upgraded access to transportation which focuses on safety and ease of use
The project is adjacent to the soon to be renovated Shops at Tanforan Mall and the San Bruno Towne Center
The development is within steps of the San Bruno BART Station and less than 3/4 mile to the San Bruno Caltrain Station
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[…] Note: nearby at the Golden Gate Produce Terminal there are plans for more biotech campuses moving in there, as well as in the 25 acre Southline Development slated for South San Francisco adjacent to the Shops at Tanforan. To read more about that project, please CLICK HERE. […]

Fed Up
Fed Up
5 months ago

I’m sorry. In general, I think all the building is a load of crap, that’s really going to ruin our area. But I just have to say, the “retail” part of this post, is a total lie and misleading. While it notes “the soon to be renovated Shops at Tanforan Mall” it fails to mention that this “renovation” is actually a removing of all the retail in that area and building into more silicon valley tech crap. There will be no retail at the “renovated Shops at Tanforan Mall” so that is not at all a “public benefit.”

2 years ago

I think this is good, we are in dire need of development in SSF after years of stagnation. This will bring in taxes and jobs long term and will keep this city afloat. Very few people live next to work and there are some apartments being built in the area. The future is condo living in such an expensive real estate market. makes better use of space. As for parking and cars that area has foot access to most things one needs which is rarely a thing in the Bay Area including the only two public transit systems that sprawl the bay. This will help make the area more vibrant, safe and help businesses around the area thrive.

Its fine to be pessimistic but stuff like this is much needed in this city. You might disagree but atleast there’s a few folks that might actually agree with this.

your neighbor
your neighbor
3 years ago

Here you go.
The old folks in the council aren’t going to be around much longer but their legacy will live on.
SSF didn’t have growth for 30 years , but making up for loss time in 5 years with a new city mgr.
As for housing nearby, they’re planning to build 342 housing units at the old century theater, yes that’s right in the flight path unsuitable for housing per the Airport Land Use Commission. Let’s see where that goes. Then there is the 8 story unit building at the PUC site. You know the one the City told the community there would only be 5 stories.
Parking? the strategy if you want to call it that, is less parking spaces is better!
And more housing, so you’ll be forced out of your car to public streets and cross dangerous intersections.

Margaret Baxter
Margaret Baxter
3 years ago
Reply to  your neighbor

Where did you get the information that its going to be 8story units instead of 5 ?
The City Council has not voted on the PUC height limit yet.

melvin perry
melvin perry
3 years ago

where are you going to house all these
workers?, and you are at least a mile
from caltrain too boot, how are people
going to get there?, walk through an
industrial area? finally, where are the
parking spaces?, this wet dream wasn’t
thought out st all, except to make the
developers some big bucks, so they can
line the pockets of the SSF city council

3 years ago

This is easy. No. We don’t need more commercial space without housing. We don’t need more commercial space, period. We don’t need more people, we don’t need more tech bros, and we don’t need more growth driven by people who can easily avoid the consequences while further eroding the local quality of life, for profit.

Permit should be denied.