Gabriel Shouts Out Teani’s Italian Deli

South San Francisco, CA July 26, 2019

You know when a place is so good, you are compelled to shout it out for everyone so everyone knows how amazing that place is? Well, that is what our South City neighbor was feeling when he contacted us about Teani’s Deli.

Teani’s Deli is a business of original sandwiches with the rich flavor, created by the original founder,  Harold Teani.” Gabriel Garces write us “For anyone who wants the best sandwich, THIS is the place to go!”

With a few great deli’s in our City, perhaps it’s time we do a Deli Sammy Contest – Who’s in?

We have to say Teani’s has an amazing assortment of favorite Italian lunch meats among other incredible Italian foods! Go check them out if you haven’t already!

Teani’s Deli is  located at 770 El Camino Real South San Francisco.

Photos by Gabriel Garces:

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