GAME ON! South City Grocery Outlet Offers $25 Gift Cert to Winners of ESC National Night Out Contest!

South San Francisco, CA   July 26, 2019

Everything South City was created ten years ago to help foster our small town feeling, that connection many of us have enjoyed through generations, as we saw the footprint of our City expanding in size. Today we have more neighborhoods, and more neighbors, and we have to work harder to keep our small town connections alive and well, and include our wonderful ‘newer’ neighbors to be part of it all.


For the past seven years or so, we have supported National Night Out, which happens on the first Tuesday evening in August, this year on August 6th, and to encourage a greater participation we offer a fun GAME ON. Once again this year, we thanks Michelle and David Radcliffe, neighbors who own South City Grocery Outlet, as they partner with us to provide TWO $25 gift certificates to be used by lucky neighbors to help provide some refreshments for their neighborhood gathering. {for past National Night Out articles and GAME ON, CLICK HERE }




That’s it – just give us an answer, one entry per person please, and be automatically entered into our GAME ON with the winners randomly chosen and announced NEXT Friday August 2nd, and they will receive $25 gift cert to South City Grocery Outlet! Well have TWO winners!

You can reply here, on our Facebook page, or email your answer to us at


So, what is National Night Out? It is an organized attempt to get us out of our homes, and actually talking with those who live next door, on our block or behind our homes. It seems nowadays we all are so busy many of us barely get a nod or wave to each other, so taking the time on August 6th to come outside and meet your neighbors, discuss any important issues your neighborhood may be facing, and create connections which helps us create safer neighborhoods, thereby increasing not only our home value, but our sense of enjoyment.


What do we talk about?

It’s a great time to catch up with neighbors about local happenings, discuss what changes might be coming to the neighborhood, or City, to get to know a bit more about those on our block. It also offers the perfect opportunity to talk with neighbors in a fun friendly manner which goes a long way when there are minor issues along the year: parking, noise, animals, landscape, etc.

Often we might have a certain mind set about a household yet after having this annual meet up we learn background information that brings a new understanding to situations. That extra car on the block might belong to a family member who needed to move back home to take care of a parent. The owners of the barking dog might not be aware of how loud or annoying the barking is to others until someone says something in an informal event such as NNO. Another neighbor might be admiring landscaping on the home down the street and now can get more details. All of these side conversations go a long way in strengthening our City, block by block.

Your event can be as easy and simple as you want or more extensive, according to your neighborhood’s desire. Some ideas include:

Turn on your porch light
• Sit outside in a lawn chair
• Introduce yourself to your next door neighbors
• Let your kids put out a lemonade stand
• Take a walk around the neighborhood
• Order a pizza & share with friends
• Get neighbors to host a Progressive Dinner Party
• Win a $25 Certificate for South City Grocery Outlet to use for your NNO event!
• Organize a few kid games
• Contact the City to invite SSF Police and/ or SSF Fire personnel to stop by your block
• Invite neighbors to potluck BBQ



Create the neighborhood YOU want to live in. This weekend contact your neighbors, ask them to come out on Tuesday evening for an hour or so, it really is a pretty neat experience. SUPPORT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!


To date, Sheri Boles, Program Manager with the City of South San Francisco, has listed 4 formal events tied to specific neighborhoods, which include Avalon/Brentwood, Pecks Lot, Paradise Valley, and Downtown. If you live in one of these neighborhoods be sure to drop by to enjoy your local neighbors!

If your neighborhood is not listed, get something going and contact Sheri at  at 650/829.6680 if you would like support in planning something for your area!


A bit of trivia for you:

National Night Out began simply with neighbors turning on their porch lights and sitting in front of their homes!

National Night Out 2016 involved 38 million residents in 16,000 communities across the United States.


Win a $25 gift cert to our favorite local grocery store, thanks to David and Michelle at South City Grocery Outlet!


South City Grocery Outlet is a family thing – their family, and our family, and your family – we are all family!


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