Recycling Crisis: It’s Here, It’s Serious, and We All Need to do our Part!

South San Francisco, CA   July 30, 2019

South San Francisco Scavengers Company has been putting out updates on the recycling crisis that continues to loom over us because China and other foreign countries do not want our trash. And why would they? It’s OUR trash and up to each and everyone of us to do OUR part to reduce this crisis and keep OUR City, State, Country, World junk free.

We must go back to old ways to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, which today may take a bit more focus due to the complexities of the materials being produced, and the excessive wasteful packaging from manufacturers.Too often we hear people complain that we pay a lot of money for our garbage service, and it is up to them to do the sorting – but they can only do their part IF we do ours!

While many of us believe we are recycling by tossing all our plastic stuff in our blue top/ blue bins, the problem continues because not all the stuff we toss is recyclable for a few reasons;  Garbage like plastic wrap, bags, lids, straws & utensils cannot be recycled, and we need to rinse out the items we do toss in the blue bin.

And only CLEAN DRY paper can be recycled in the blue bin/grey top. Wet paper, food scraps, and lawn trimmings belong in our Green bins.

“Why bother to sort our stuff if the recycling truck just dumps everything into one truck” a resident recently asked us. Our response was to share this short video produced by the SSF Scavengers showing the divider in the truck, and what is done with our recyclables back at their facility. (CLICK HERE to watch!)

We can also make a difference by requesting our stores and manufacturers to be mindful with packaging, we vote with our $$ and it does make a difference. Last year Trader Joe’s made the commitment to do their part in reducing plastics: “As we fulfill these steps in 2019, we are eliminating more than 1 million pounds of plastic from our stores. And we expect that number to grow as we continue to identify sustainable opportunities and take action.”

(CLICK HERE to read more about Trader Joe’s actual efforts being done BECAUSE OF CONSUMER INPUT! )

Yes, it does take some work on our part, but it  is our world, and that our of children, and grandchildren, and we all must do our part as stewards of earth.

If you have any questions about your garbage service, or how to recycle,

please contact SSF Scavengers at 650/589.4020 or CLICK HERE


Please! Copy this flyer and be mindful when sorting your garbage, we are all in this together!


For some of us, understanding exactly what our Scavenger Company is up against, and why our efforts are required, we are sharing the following information about this recycling crisis in hopes others will start being more mindful, and encouraging neighbors to do their part.


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