Possible Hoax to Local High Schools Reported by School District

South San Francisco, CA  August 28 2019 Submitted by SSFUSD

August 27, 2019


Dear El Camino and South San Francisco High School Communities,


Today we received two anonymous threats with reference to El Camino and South San Francisco High School. Upon receipt of the threat, South San Francisco Police Department were immediately notified and have explored both campuses, determining both to be safe as nothing suspicious was found.


At this time, it is believed that there is no credibility to the threat, and that it is likely generated as a hoax.


School will continue to be in session as regularly scheduled. We are asking staff to remain vigilant in notifying the office should they detect anything suspicious or out of the ordinary on campus. South San Francisco Police will also continue to be vigilant throughout our school communities.


Thank you for your support. If we learn of additional, pertinent information, we will be sure to keep you informed.

Posted 8/28/19

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