Letter to Editor: Warning to Morning Commuters – Slow Down and Obey Safety Laws!

South San Francisco, CA   September 13, 2019 by a Concerned South San Francisco Parent


There was a big accident on Spruce and Miller early this morning, emergency respondents are at the scene.


While I hope everyone is okay, let this be a lesson learned for the morning commuters that constantly disregard traffic signals, right of ways, all in an effort to make it to work or to drop off their kids to school.


Nine times out of ten, you’ll see two cars trying to make a left (yield) at the intersection, and some idiot behind tries to go around.  There have been many close calls that I have personally experienced from impatient drivers that do this.


Not to mention yielding to pedestrians at all times.


There’s a huge problem with the morning commute, and while the answer may not always be black and white, something definitely has to change.



### Everything South City would like to remind our community that September is Pedestrian Awareness Month, which we should all respect throughout the year. More info HERE.


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Mary Lou Froese
Mary Lou Froese
3 years ago

Also, as we start into the fall season, it is darker earlier and later. Save a few seconds but hit someone or something in doing so–not worth it!