SSF Sarah Wydler Resident and Teacher Needs Our Help NOW!

South San Francisco, CA    September 17, 2019 

Sarah Wydler was born and raised in South San Francisco, and has always been involved in helping others, from working early years working with Pop Warner Football program, and continuing to aid others, to current time with our SSF Women’s Club, and more.

She is well known and appreciated for her deep commitment to her students as an elementary school teacher in our South San Francisco School District.

There are so many in our wonderful community that need help, and so many who freely help as they can, as Sarah has done. Please consider helping her now in her tremendous time of need.

This is from the GoFundMe page set up for her by her good friend, Daniela Pineda . Please donate if you can, send up prayers, and share her story so that she can focus on healing, and not on the heavy financial concerns being placed on her shoulders.



Hello All,

We are reaching out in hopes of raising funds for our dear friend, sister, colleague, dedicated teacher and overall awesome person, Sarah Wydler.

About 13 years ago this high energy, good hearted, bubbly spirited South San Francisco native came into our lives thanks to a mutual friend. Over the years our bond has stood the test of time, steering us through the ups and downs of life, but on Sunday September 1st, our good friend received life altering news.

While out for a birthday celebration, Sarah started to experience severe abdominal pain. We initially thought her stomach pain were due to gallstones or appendicitis, and being in the medical field, we understood the severity of Sarah’s symptoms and insisted on taking her to the nearest hospital.

In the emergency room several tests were conducted to find the cause of Sarah’s pain, incidentally a mass was found in her abdomen the size of a basketball. From this point the doctor’s determined Sarah would need to undergo a major surgical procedure as soon as possible.

The doctors informed Sarah, following the procedure, she will need to have approximately 8-10 weeks off from work to recover. The extent of her medical care/recovery is pending a diagnosis, which will be determined after surgery.

Sarah has been a passionate teacher in the South San Francisco Unified School District for the past 15 years. She has given to the children of our community in the most genuine way. While a lot of people in this situation can expect financial support from State Disability Insurance during a medical emergency, Sarah cannot. A vast majority of teachers in the state of California are not offered paid leave through State Disability Insurance. They must depend on sick days that they are given or have accrued through each school year. Sarah had several of these days banked because she rarely took time off, but in January of 2019, Sarah’s mother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Sarah quickly became her mom’s primary care-giver, moving mom in with her while mom underwent chemotherapy, for closer access and support now that mom is on long term disability.

Sarah could have never imagined that these days would be needed for her own medical emergency. Sarah’s family and friends are in shock by the timing and immediate need for her medical attention. We are hoping to raise $20,000 to alleviate some of her financial burdens by opening this Go Fund account. The funds will go towards her rent, bills and medical expenses not covered by her health insurance. It is our wish that Sarah has the opportunity to heal without worrying about her current financial situation.

Sarah is not the type to ask for help, this is why we are setting up this page, as our way to give back to Sarah for all she’s done for our community.

We thank you for your time, generosity and well wishes and your prayers for our friend, sister, colleague, dedicated teacher and overall awesome person, during this difficult time.

Thank you,



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