SSFUSD Trustee Voting District Maps To Be Discussed at October 10th Board Meeting

South San Francisco, CA   September 26, 2019 Submitted by Nalani Allen-Cantley, Senior Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Trustee Voting District Maps

Traditionally, the five members of the SSFUSD school board were chosen through citywide elections. Beginning in 2020, school board members will be chosen through district elections.

To facilitate this process, members of the public were given the opportunity over the past several months to help determine the shape of these new districts.

National Demographics Corporation, which is working with SSFUSD to handle the transition to district elections, has proposed two maps with different boundaries (map #1 and map #2). Local residents have also submitted two maps (map #3 and map #4).

Over several months, members of the public were given the opportunity to provide input on the areas the Trustees will represent. Residents, using a map of the school district area, were able to design the five district areas within certain parameters (i.e. the population could not vary by more than 1,558 between the largest and smallest areas). SSFUSD received two maps (map #3 and map #4) which met the criteria. These maps, along with the two proposed by the company handling the transition (map #1 and map #2), will be discussed at the fourth and final Public Hearing during the October 10 Board meeting.


To see the newly added maps, click here:





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Public Service Messenger
Public Service Messenger
2 years ago

The maps are going to be displayed ,before the school board meetings at the district office.
before trustees vote 10-10-19.

the public is invited to participate in the choosing, who will represent them.