7 Mile House: Lots of Heart, Great Music, Amazing Food!

South San Francisco, CA  October 30, 2019

It seems most of us have been impacted one way or another, over the recent ‘Public Safety Power Shutoff’, if not directly, then by concern of it happening to us at any time. This is a time when neighbors really must rely on each other, and we get to find out just how strong of a community we really are.

To that end, we really needed to shout out 7 Mile House, for expressing exactly the heart and soul of what we all hope we’d see, if we were the ones that took the hit. Vanessa Garcia has transformed this historic business into a major community minded venue that continues to morph into exactly what we need.

From the Vanessa and her 7 Mile House team today:

Power outages have really affected our local small businesses. I wouldn’t know how I would handle the loss of income, food spoilage plus bills. If you know of small businesses that were closed due to outages and are now open, PLEASE FLOOD THEM WITH SUPPORT! They need that influx of dollars from all of us to get through these times! As a resident of Pacifica, it was heartbreaking to see local restaurants, cafes etc. closed bec they had no choice. If you own a business, you know this is no vacation. It constitutes sleepless nights trying to figure out how to pay for expenses.

Most of us operate based on daily income and so many would probably need to get a loan to survive — not to mention the employees who are affected by loss of income. This does not compare to those directly affected by the fires but it is something you can contribute to immediately.

If you know of a business that was affected please mention them below so we can help in our own little way. Spread the love and support! Thank you!Vanessa Garcia, owner 7 Mile House


We echo Vanessa’s sentiments, and ask that you please support those who have been hit with this financial hardship, and let us know, below, what establishments need our support! We will shout them out as well!


We also would like to take a moment and introduce you to The 7 Mile House, located at 2800 Bayshore Blvd in Brisbane, where you can find the Bay Area’s best live Jazz, R&B, and other genres, six nights a week, where every game possible is played on big screens, and is dog friendly, and offers truly incredible food (MUST TRY THE ADOBO!) Under Vanessa’s ownership, this little historic ‘dive’ is now a major go-to in the Bay Area for so many reasons, and if you have yet to try it – go now!

Her spirit is reflective in her staff, it’s all family, if not by blood, by shared values, that truly make this place the best go to in the Bay Area!

Adobo with Rice.jpg


2004 and 2019! Facade improvement thanks to a Samtrans grant to pave the sidewalk that gave us a great opportunity to improve our facade and become dog-friendly! Photo: 7 Mile House

The music scene at the 7 Mile House is amazing! Check it out!


We are not alone in our raves over 7 Mile House –



To honor this historic Mile House, owner Vanessa Garcia, captured the feeling, sights, sounds, and essence through the years in her award winning book!



“See You At The 7 – Stories From the Bay Area’s Last Original Mile House” is written by Vanessa Garcia (owner and historian), and co-authored by award-winning editor Regina Abuyuan, with a foreword by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte (Native Son). The book contains old maps of the area, historic photos, and interviews with locals who recount their experiences at 7 Mile House over the years.

*For international shipping, please use this link to contact us and get your rates: http://7milehouse.com/contact/

*All proceeds from book sales and anniversary merchandise will benefit the restoration and maintenance of 7 Mile House.


We believe Vanessa’s caring deeply about others is what makes the 7 Mile House so special, and again, we appreciate her request that we all support those businesses that were financially impacted by this recent PGE shut down!

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