Blood Donors: Superheroes in South San Franciscol; by Elizabeth Nisperos

South San Francisco, CA   October 8, 2019 by Elizabeth Nisperos, Guest Contributor

You don’t have to  see movies to  experience  superheroes who save lives. I sighted real SSF superheroes  on  September 24, 2019 from 9 am to 3pm at the Council Chambers at 33 Arroyo, SSF. The Red Cross  superheroes are blood donors whose gestures of love can support  up to three lives.

I received an email from Red Cross to host a blood drive.

Doesn’t the City of South San Francisco  (Sponsor Code: SSF) have one? For years I donated at my workplace and also during  emergencies where my rare blood type was needed. I wanted to donate at SSF but the cutoff time was at 2:45 pm.

SSF Police Sgt David Kelman smiles as he does what he does best, serving others.
Photo: Eliz Nisperos


The people in photos Sgt. David Kelman, Amanda Parker, volunteer Jeanette Harper were not preselected but whoever was there at the moment I arrived  at the site. I was happy to see a real police officer who not only protect our community but also participates in a life giving donation. They gave permission to get their photos taken. It was nice to see Austin from Parks and Recreation(he  helped me  in a calligraphy fundraiser years ago). Austin asked from Jeanette the list of names of the blood donors(Red Cross calls them superstars and superheroes) . I heard most of the donors are SSF city employees , firefighters and policemen.

Volunteers like Jeanette Harper are what make this Blood Drives successful – as well as those who show up to GIVE!
Photo: Eliz Nisperos



I jokingly said to Amanda that  blood donors are better lovers. See story in ESC , click here.


Amanda chuckled at Eliz’s joke that blood donors are better lovers.
Photo: Eliz Nisperos



The next site for blood donation is :

American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

1667 Market Street

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sponsor Code: ARCSF

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