Bronstein Music Legacy is Alive and Doing Great: Come Visit Their 3rd Lane Store!

South San Francisco, CA  October 19, 2019

Too often rumors get started and end up with a life of their own, and we just couldn’t stand to see that happen to one of our most beloved South City businesses: Bronstein Music.

While there have been changes in both ownership, and location, make no mistake about it, Bronstein Music is alive and well and doing better than ever, while continuing to serve musicians near and far.

“Bronstein Music simply responded to the public’s proclivity for online shopping by focusing on services that the public cannot get online, such as musical instrument repair, rentals, and informed advice on student and professional music needs.” owner Ron Graham explains in a recent outreach attempting to quell the rumors being spread on other news sources. “Come visit our new location behind the historic State Room and experience the “Bronstein legacy”, which continues to thrive as one of the dwindling brick-and-mortar businesses that are so important in preserving the personality of South City despite the public’s increased use of online shopping platforms.”

At Everything South City, we couldn’t agree more. We MUST support our local brick and mortar businesses, our small businesses are the backbone of our community!

Ron Graham, owner of Bronstein Music, poses with former owners Rich and Don, as the torch is passed, keeping the legacy alive!


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