Letter to Editor: SFO Replacement Window Program Update

South San Francisco, CA   October 23, 2019 by Jason Isberg, SSF Resident

Here is an update on the SFO (@flySFO) noise abatement replacement window program. As you may know I have communicated the issues (leaks, dry rot, termites, etc.) many in our community are facing as a result of the windows installed in our homes during the initial SFO program back in the late 90s. Communication back to me via email had been sparse or obfuscated.


Given the lack of response from SFO (and partners) via email, I decided to shine a more public light on the situation and went to social media channels to see if I could get a better response from them that way.


Well, the social media posts got their attention and a response pretty fast.


Today, I had a good conversation with the head of the Jones Payne Group (@JonesPayneGroup), who is managing this program for SFO. Mr. Payne assured me that his firm is committed to working with the airport and communicating our collective community issues to them. He also committed to keeping the program moving forward and putting actual action plans in place w/ associated timelines.


This will require members of the community that signed up for the “second chance initiative” to actually follow through on their participation by returning calls from Jones Payne and getting their inspections scheduled. I was surprised to hear that many of the people that signed up, filled out the forms to participate have simply not responded to multiple attempts to get their inspections scheduled. This is a main cause of the delays others are experiencing that did schedule their inspections. So please follow up with Jones Payne on your inspection if you did sign up for the program.


Also, Mr. Payne is also tasked with understanding the full scope of the original program as his firm works to correct the issues with it. However, (maybe not surprising) his team is having trouble getting the original program paperwork from SFO. SFO claims to not have records on what contractors did the original work and what materials were used. These are key to understanding the scope of the problem.


He asked me to go back to the community and ask if anyone has any of the original paperwork from the program or any records of what contractors did the work. If anybody has any of this info filed away, please let me know and I’ll put you in contact with Mr. Payne.


All, many of you are asking about how to sign up for the program. There are two programs: “Replacement” for faulty windows and “Second Chance” for those that did not participate the first time. Here is the link to all the info and online application: www.jonespayne.com/sfonoise/PropertyProgramLookup/PublicForm.aspx



Jason Isberg


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