Letter to the Editor: How to Stop Scott Wiener and SB 50 That Would Give Sacramento Control of Local Developments

South San Francisco, CA   October 30, 2019 Submitted by a local realtor who would like to remain anonymous

LivableCalifornia.org Presents: “How City Officials Can Stop Scott Wiener & SB 50”


Nov. 2 at 10 am, a Teleconference with Larry Gross, Founder of Coalition for Economic Survival and Region 12 Director of the Democratic Party

In a war that starts now, 450 California cities face an existential battle to save their livability, affordability and environment from state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco and Senate Bill 50.

Larry Gross was a keynote speaker at the South L.A. Senate Bill 50 Town Hall in May that helped derail SB 50 for this year. As founder of Coalition for Economic Survival, Larry has fought for the vulnerable and working-class for 46 years. Now he’s fighting to stop out-of-control Wiener.

Scott Wiener has a dozen hardcore followers in the legislature, mostly Bay Area politicians, who embrace his failed theory that tall, dense luxury housing will “trickle down” to the rest of us.

TELECONFERENCE: Sat. Nov. 2 at 10 am.  Call in 5 mins. before 10 am so Mr. Gross can begin promptly. Please mute your line if you aren’t speaking.

Key issues for the teleconference with Larry Gross:

•       SB 50 strips almost all elected city officials in California of key power over land-use. The reckless bill hands local decision-making power directly to luxury housing developers.

•       Latino and black elected city officials are Wiener’s worst nightmare, because they know SB 50’s luxury housing will overrun thriving working-class and middle-class communities.

•       Q: What greases Wiener and his Bay Area followers? A: Tech giants who want endless towers of luxury housing for tech “workers” that few renters and buyers can afford.

To join our Zoom meeting with Larry Gross, please click or dial:

Use Your Computer to Instantly Join:
Or Use Your Cell to Join Via “One-Tap”


Or Use Your Phone to Manually Dial

+1 720 707 2699 Then enter meeting ID: 637 759 9629

LivableCalifornia.org is a non-profit statewide group of community leaders, activists and local elected officials. We believe in local answers to the housing affordability crisis.

Our robust fight requires trips to Sacramento & a lobbyist going toe-to-toe with power.

Please donate generously to LivableCalifornia.org here.

Must-read: The 3.5M lie that drives the media and the mess unfolding in Sacramento.


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