Orange Memorial Park Basketball Court Lights Update

South San Francisco, CA   October 21, 2019 Image result for public works south san francisco

A few of our South City residents were inquiring why the lights at the Orange Memorial Park were not working, one neighbor understandably disappointed as we are seeing some of our best ‘summer’ weather recently. ‘Perfect evenings to play basketball, yet no lights!’ one neighbor wrote us,while another ‘Please, can you help to share or report that the lights of the Orange Park basketball court have not worked for almost two months?’


We checked in with South San Francisco Parks Manager, Greg Mediati, and received this immediate reply ‘Yes, the Public Works electrical team is working on this. Unfortunately, the lighting controller is damaged. The replacement parts were ordered almost immediately after the issue was reported, however there’s a long lead time, and we understand the parts are expected in the next week or two, at which time the repairs should be made.’



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Laura Walah
Laura Walah
2 years ago

It appears that the lights went off at all of the Public basketball courts. Do we know why?. Our young adults need a safe place to play during the evening