#TBT Question by SSF Jake Ter; Who remembers the old Westborough Shopping Center?

South San Francisco, CA October 9, 2019 Question submitted by Jake Ter/ ESC FB

Westborough Shopping Center

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Jake Ter continues to bring good questions to our community that bring about some great answers by South City neighbors. We thank him for his contributions and share the conversation that took place to his question:

Any memories from this Old Westborough Shopping Center?
Everything South City adds an additional question for the old timers: ‘How do you compare the new with the old? What is here now that is better, what do you miss from before?’

Over 150 comment ensured on our FB page:

Vinny Vance I miss The Pub…except on karaoke nights…


Joanne Howard Ireton Miss the deli and going way back, Swenson’s Ice cream Parlour. Had many fun times at bday parties, etc. Radio Shack where my son worked for awhile and good ol’ Denny’s, of course.


Anna Gueretta Rolin I miss Westborough deli and Dennys. Alot of good memories.

I remember when there was an empty field behind Westborough Square and we’d ride our bikes there.


Cyndi Hynes Duran Anna Gueretta Rolin I agree. The deli and Denny’s. Also there was an ice cream parlor I believe next to the deli. Amanda Knox Pena and I would get a scoop with jimmies on top and continue our very long walk home.


Anna Gueretta Rolin Cyndi Hynes Duran We all had such sweet memories.


Bailey Pavusko My mom worked at Walgreens for years. The little video store was one of my oldest memories. Haven’t been through there in so long.


Shannon Marie Bailey Pavusko it’s so different now


Bailey Pavusko Shannon Marie I seem to remember it was the last time I passed by. I think it’s been 3 years but it could have been longer.


Justice Hronis Kamameshi is still delicious, but that old design was glorious. Miss the caffino. Miss the parking. Other than that the change has been great


Gerald Peralta Justice Hronis I stand with this man in his statement. Twas litty.


Craig Abaya Paradise, the old Kamameshi (not the current one) and the deli. I plan to put up a bunch of pictures of the waning days of the old Westborough Square. (Too soon?) AND I MISS THE PARKING!


Marie Taylor Craig Abaya I miss that parking lot too. I rarely go there now, because of the new parking lot


Laura Walsh I miss the quaintness of the old mall and lots of parking. The new one is a nightmare.

Nick Evans That’s where the Pet Club used to be! So many memories of me and my mom taking our dogs inside the store and picking out treats and toys. We went there every week to buy live food for my Bearded Dragon and we would stop by that little coffee shack and she would buy me a Moo-latté.


George Vlahakos I miss the pizza hut, with the arcade. Sit down..many birthday parties there


Janice Reudy I miss Dennys and the old parking lot. New one is a nightmare


Lily Chew-Quintanilla Janice Reudy – yes! The parking lot sux!


Kristy Camacho I miss Paradise Chinese Restaurant… and Caffino (which I know, came after this photo was taken )


Julie N Mapu Toatelegese Kristy Camacho YES! YES! YES!


Jamie Lynn Some of happiest memories occurred here. Have life long friends I hung with here. No longer live there but I cant imagine it’s anywhere near what it was in the 70s 80s.


Deanna Van Horn Jamie Lynn the parking lot is a maze. All the stores are pretty much gone. Our memories live on forever


Jamie Lynn Deanna Van Horn yep such a happy memories I feel sorry for the kids these days they will never know how we grew up.


Stone Fox I miss the old Kamameshi, Paradise, and that Caffino in the parking lot


Nicki Guerrero Yep! Walked down to Walgreens with my sister all the time. Are at Denny’s and Luigi was the manager at the pizza place now he has his own place. My sister would put flyers on cars for him.


Deanna Van Horn Jerry Lewis Movie theatre, Strawhat and Luigi, deli, Swensons, arcade, donut shop


Debbie Rossi Deanna Van Horn Miss Westborough Deli


Katie Brown Deanna Van Horn I use to work at Swenson!


Deanna Van Horn Katie Brown I didn’t know that. Used to buy .05 candy and love gum ball ice cream.


Madonna Uyenoyama My whole family misses the original Westborough Deli and Paradise Chinese. Lots of memories at both places. Still haven’t found anywhere comparable.

Mallory Ingram Madonna Uyenoyama Paradise!!!


Esther Chen Mark Mallory Ingram we miss Paradise too!!!


Jennifer Faria Monge Aww Westborough Deli, best hot pastrami sandwiches.


Marda Summerfelt This was our Jr. High hangout mid-70’s. There was nowhere to go in Westborough and we were always being moved along by the police – Officer Osborne in particular. I remember the pin-ball arcade and for a while there was a small movie theater. And the donut shop. Behind the shopping center was a large canyon where we had a “fort”. Cops couldn’t find us there. Lot’s of memories of Westborough Square.


Rick Kaiser Marda Summerfelt I remember those days


Jerry Roach Marda Summerfelt Those were some fun days. I remember we paid .49 cents at one point to see the movies in the little theater. I also liked the deli. I Cant remember name but I’d get a salami and cheese sandwich sometimes on weekend.


Marda Summerfelt The Jerry Lewis Theater! But I can’t remember the name of the deli either.


Rick Kaiser Is this the deli

Westborough Deli Closes After 49 Years…See More


Jerry Roach Rick Kaiser probably Rick. It was more on the opposite side of center from where the theater was. If we were walking from junior high we get to the deli before we would get to the theater or the arcade. I always liked the smell of the place.


Rick Kaiser When I had extra cash I loved the sandwiches if I remember right it was tucked in the center


Marda Summerfelt Yes, it was between the pizza place (Strawhat? – that had the first Pong and Asteroids games) and Safeway.


Rose Doles I Miss the Paradise Chinese Food Place SOOOO much!


Tim HL That and going to US Video next door to rent the post-dinner movie on the weekends!


Tiphanie Jowe Wong Rose, me, too!


Mary Quill Rose, I miss paradise also, best fried rice ever


Michael McCracken Rose Doles my neighbors owned it.


Donald Wong Tim HL – Straw Hat for your 4th(?) grade bday party….


Nathan Isla They parking lot sucks now…. who designs parking lots these days? I miss the old Westborough Square with a good Dennys and a good Walgreens


Karen Johanson The variety of shops/food venues is great in the new square. The new parking lot is an accident waiting to happen. I honestly avoid going there anymore because of the terrible parking lot.


Hector Anthony Tonarelli RadioShack used to go in there as a kid and pick up my free battery every month


Alvin Albano My friend’s parents owned the Japanese restaurant, Kamameshi House.


Cathy Pacheco Alvin Albano that was my Thursday night dinner for 5 years.


Amanda Ruiz I absolutely HATE the new parking lot!


Mareth Vedder Amanda Ruiz Ditto!


Joanne Desmond My mom loved the chicken salad sandwiches from the deli. I miss Denny’s . There’s none left in the area. Serremonte has closed now.


Sally Johnson The old westborough square had everyone you needed and PARKING. The new one has way to much retail for so little parking. I haven’t been there in a long time. Another big mistake by ssf planners and city council.


Terri Wong-Samn Paradise & simple parking! I can’t stand the parking lot now!


Sarita Dogra I miss the parking. This new parking lot is an accident prone zone. I miss straw hat and the Chinese restaurant. I don’t go to the new center at all.


Joanie Brooks Sarita Dogra yes that parking lot ! Who’s the idiot who designed it


Karen Krajenbrink HATE the new parking lot with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Miss the deli. Glad the pigeons are gone.


Lisa Contreras I miss Straw Hat pizza and the deli next door to it. Can’t stand that area now, so crowded and not enough parking. Just a total mess up there now. Whoever designed that didn’t know what they were doing.


Muriel Pleasic Peninger i havnt been up there in a long time, but there was a pizza place up there that we always went to, and walgreens. not sure if the coffee place is still there.

Dana Compani Why didn’t they just leave it the way it was, Caffino was the best.


Janine Grover Miss that place! Moved away years ago so no clue what it looks like now


Janet Remolona Blecha Thanks for this. My daughter just last night was asking what that place looked like before. She couldn’t remember.


Rommel Baldovino Janet Remolona Blecha before that it was a Safeway.


Janet Remolona Blecha Rommel, I miss Paradise. Our go to Chinese spot.


Rommel Baldovino Janet Remolona Blecha that was next to kamameshi, right? Those were the days.


Tracy Robertson In general, I don’t take change very well but I definitely appreciate that the old gun store on Grand Avenue closed and there is a Starbucks  in its place!


Cathy Salazar Because of parking I don’t go there. Miss straw hat, westborough deli, pet club and the pidgins (lol)


Randy Ycmat Straw hat, play the video games. Always Luigi to change our $10 to quarters. Paradise best Chinese sit down with food, service better than most other Chinese restaurants. The filipino grocery store and market next to Walgreens.


Sandi Linnell Parking is horrible at new westbourgh square, I won’t go there unless I really need to, go to other places


Victoria Neri-Chin I like the new business but hate the parking layout. Super tight spaces.


Ray Alfafara Early 70’s we would ride out motorcycles in the open areas behind Westborough shopping center and across the street where what is now Selick park before all the homes were built then eat at the deli or Straw Hat …. good times!.


JoAnn Willis I know the parking was easy unlike the nightmare now.


Christopher Re First real fist fight… I got jumped by 3 of them 2 ran the other was left for a bus to mall Serramonte


Marc C. Teglia The Pizza Hut in the corner was a tradition for the teams after little league baseball games.


Jeff Desira Is that where “The Video Bug” was??

Craig Abaya I’m trying to remember the name of the video store. It was eventually replaced by Pho Saigon.


Don Granizo Yah, wasn’t the sandwich joint over to the left, can’t remember what the heck it was called.


Joe Bacigalupi Friday night little league games would lead to the pizza parlor.


Mareth Vedder Parking and Denny’s. Rarely go there anymore.


Robert Jenkins They couldn’t leave well enough alone not a big fan of the new one at all !!


Mike Bruno Back before it was turned into a shitshow with crammed parking


Glenda Nabung That was Safeway before it became PetCo!!!!


Michael McCracken Miss Neil’s Pub and Denny’s.


Patricia Cariño Chan I miss Paradise the most! Nothing around here has come close.


Stacey Turpin Miss Westborough Deli


Matt Fuentes Straw Hat Pizza


Jeff Kameny Matt Fuentes


Matt Fuentes Jeff Kameny he has his own shop in Pacifica now, for like 10 years maybe…Luigis Pizza!


Judith Jaymot Buffa I miss the deli!


Dana Marie Toney We use to go to the Denny’s after Friday night football! Go Warriors!


Sheny Mendez I miss Caffino and Denny’s.


Joni Morris The Vets,The shoe maker,Caffino,Radio shack,The Deli,Pet Club. Kameshi House..I love this pic and I miss everything.Now I only go to Walgreen’s and UPS if necessary.The restaurants are good but THE LIMITED PARKING has scared me away


Johnny B Courtade West borough pub! That place needs a bar


Erin Ollinger Johnny B Courtade I totally went to that bar a few times


Johnny B Courtade Erin Ollinger the best


Erin Ollinger Johnny B Courtade they also had food!


Lisa Maffei-Maciel Swenson’s and Denny’s!


Annette Gebotsreiber Maciel Loves Swenson’s peach ice cream! I’ve


Gary Mitchell The deli had the best potato salad


Erwin Jude I miss Straw Hat/Pizza Hut and Denny’s


Michael McCracken Straw Hat Pizza,Swensen’s Ice Cream and Westborough Deli.


Cathy Pacheco The Pub and the folks from The Pub.


Lesley Cassandras Then you could always find parking!


Dana Dwyer Paradise Chinese, Westborough Deli, Swensens Ice Cream!!!


Craig Dukes Straw hat pizza after co-ed rugby 7th/8th grade!


Serina Lewis they turned it into a cluster FFFFF I hate the new lay out


Mario Evangelista Paradise Chinese Restaurant!


Roxy L Jovel The Pub and deli.


Cathy Romero Denny’s and Caffino. Miss them!


Priscilla Chin Paradise and Denny’s.

I hate it now the shopping center now


Lulu Reyes-Lorenzo There a laundrymat on the left side.


Gretchen Eberle Kamameshi House in the left corner! Pet Club!


Kimberly Contreras Wright I miss my best friends from junior high that I don’t get to see that often. Lisa Eng, Judy Gamble Frias, Debbie Martin, Pam Canepa.


Kevin Macneil Keep bringing the pictures of the old Westbourgh I dont like the new Westbourgh


Janet Remolona Blecha Radio Shack and the shoe repair spot. Can’t find a good shoe repair place


Josefina Flores Wish that the Paradise Restaurant and the Sushi place still in that this place.


Angelina Robinson Strawhat pizza!


Nanci Brignoli Nagel Miss Caffino drive through coffee. I only go there now cause my Eye Dr is located there


Glenda Nabung I Miss that Golden Wok Restaurant and Even Denny’s that friends use to go 1 even worked at too


Paul Hoem New parking lot is awful.


Mary Andersen Parking is the pits very seldom go there


Rayna Barlow Omg I miss the old shopping center. A different world now.


Saira Cardoza I miss the Chinese restaurant.


Carol Velez Dana Marie Toney

There was more space for parking back then too!! But I have to admit I enjoy an ocassional treat of Philz coffee with Cheryl Camacho Herrera


Valerie Hronis I miss Dennys!


George Vlahakos Westbourugh deli


Shannon Campbell Horton George Vlahakos soooo good!


LeAnn Krzyzanowski Swensens Ice Cream Shop


Jim Antonis LeAnn Krzyzanowski the best


Michelle Egland LeAnn Krzyzanowski we used to live right up the hill from there. My brother and I would walk down for ice cream and or pizza!


LeAnn Krzyzanowski Michelle Egland us too… all the time. Was it Straw Hat?


Michelle Egland LeAnn Krzyzanowski yes! Straw hat


Louisa Piazza Carmen Piazza

Leonard Jones The Pub


JoAnn Murphy parking is awful now


Leah Nicolini Too many to list!


Jerry Bruno The Deli…


Jaurie Lynn Evangelista Archie Evangelista


Mike Broder Ya marda the denny’s remember when there was just an arco has station to buy 10 cent grapettes? The killer deli fat ass sandwiches


Al Nic Libre I miss Paradise. It was the spot.Nothing around here has come close.


A few more blast from the past photos to share:

This photo by Doug Donegan offers poignant insight to how many locals felt when we watched the destruction of part of our shared history.


Before even our era, photo from SSF Historical Society

More from the SSF Historical Society


Photo; Everything South City


Photo EverythingSouthCity.com


photo: EverythingSouthCity.com


Photo: EverythingSouthCity.com


… and then this happened….
Photo credit – I believe is David Douglas…?





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Javier Solorzano
Javier Solorzano
1 year ago

Remember getting Colored Bubble Gum Ball ice cream at Swensen’s after PeeWee baseball in late 70’s.

Stephen Devine
Stephen Devine
1 year ago

Paradise Chinese Restaurant was a beloved, classic , reliable favorite that my wife and I frequented often. Take out or dine in, always delicious and satisfying. We miss Sally who always seemed to answer the phone, or wait on our table when we ate at the restaurant. We often wondered where the Cooks went after they closed.Still miss Paradise. Nothing compares.

Dolores Piper
Dolores Piper
2 years ago

The parking is horrible at the new center. Why another supermarket in the center to add to parking congestion? The old design was a lot better.

Bill Tetreault
Bill Tetreault
2 years ago

Going way back (the 70s) there used to be a Fotomat for film developing right in the middle of that shopping center. I think the coffee place replaced it. Miss Radio Shack a lot.

Jason kruljac
Jason kruljac
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill Tetreault

Met Luigi at the old Straw Hat. Many a Monday night football game there. This is the new norm, the City council does/ allows what they want. It’s a shame…but no one seems to be to concerned! It seems to be the new norm