GAME ON WINNERS Announced to Join ESC at TASTE of SSF!

South San Francisco, CA  November 1, 2019

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We love hosting GAME ON contests, and we love that we can help more of our neighbors enjoy special experiences that we have here locally in South San Francisco. To that end, we are proud to announce our winners for this year’s TASTE of SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, an annual event sponsored by our Chamber of Commerce at the Conference Center. Because we had so many entries we have added TWO more winners, for a total of FOUR lucky people attending this great event as our guests!

To be entered to win, neighbors were asked ‘How long has Everything South City been in existence’ and we were happily surprised to see so many responses – and all correct! This month Everything South City turns 10-years old! (Inside tip: Stay tuned for our anniversary celebration information coming soon!)

As always, our winners are randomly chosen, and our winners for this Friday November 8th event, at noon – 1:30pm are…..

Teresa M. Benavides

Lorilynne Lau Shusta

Joe Brewer

Renee Cortez

Please contact us by Sunday Nov 3rd* so we can confirm your attendance

Tickets are NOT transferable.

We look forward to hosting you at this amazing event!

Thank you to everyone who played along, and for being an amazing part of our South City community, online, and off!


Diana G. Villa-Brewer 2009, the year I moved here from SoCal. 10 years ?


Kim Carney Founded in November of 2009 but your work has been copyrighted since 2007.


Jennifer Brode 10 years almost ! November of 2009 ?


Betty Joe Since November 2009!!


Kimberly Azucena 10 years…since 2009!


Lorilynne Lau Shusta November 2009 and I’m hungry!


Libby Cardenas It has been in existence for almost 10 yrs!! Everything South City was founded in November of 2009


Joe Brewer Since 2009


Stephanie Ng 10 years


Lissette Morales 10 yrs


Anita Marquez South Since Nov 2009


Rose Mallamo Since 2009


Ivania Ruiz Nov 2009. Almost 10 years!!


Shawnna Novoa Founded November 2009 ?


Felicia Rodriguez July 31, 2010 – 9 yrs


Diana Hidalgo Nations November 2009 ?


Noren Joyce Lopez Since November 2009 ?


Kylie Hicks 10 years


Laura Walsh Since 2009


Yessenia Solis Since November 2009!!!!


Angelique Presidente Nov 2009


Gina E Centeno Since 2009


Ronnamarie Lama Since nov 2009


Priscilla Fisaga Selianitis November 2009


Alejandra Rodriguez Since November 2009


Kelly Adams November 2009


Andrea Carey Villa November 2009. Best news source since the Enterprise Journal !!!


Adele Rios 2009!


Renee Cortez 2009


Ava marie romero: I been supporting everything south city since 2009, been a active member and food blogger and award winning contest cook born in south san Francisco and would like two tickets to taste of south san Francisco sounds like a great event, gotta support local foodies out there


Emily Lorenzo November 2009.


Teresa M. Benavides Everything South City was incorporated in 2009.


Vicki Mahoney According to ESC Facebook page it was established in 2009


Emmanuel Looks like 2009, though I know I first started a conversation with you on Facebook Messenger in 2014!


Karen Sumner 10 years this year. ??


Pauline Sy I think everything South City has been in existence for ten years.

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Teresa Benavides
Teresa Benavides
3 years ago

I am confirming my attendance on Fri., Nov. 8th.
Thank you for the ticket to the Taste of So.S.F..
You’ve made my day?.

Teresa M. Benavides