“How to Kill SB 50, a Conversation with the Hon. Quentin L. Kopp,” by Livable California

South San Francisco, CA  November 13, 2019 Submitted by Livable California

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Please join us to Stop Scott Wiener & SB 50 in a Teleconference Nov. 16, 10 a.m. with the Hon. Quentin Kopp, a major California political leader


Dear city officials & community leaders, thanks for joining our Stop SB 50 Teleconference on Nov. 2 hosted by Livable California and featuring Larry Gross, Democratic strategist and founder of L.A.-based Coalition for Economic Survival.


Some 65 elected and community leaders from San Diego to Sacramento called in to discuss state Sen. Scott Wiener’s near-obsession with taking land-use powers away from cities — and disastrously handing those powers directly to private developers.


PLEASE JOIN US on Sat., Nov. 16 at 10 AM, for our teleconference “How to Kill SB 50, a Conversation with the Hon. Quentin L. Kopp,” the famed ex-state senator & judge. Please invite other electeds or active neighborhood leaders (Call-In Info Below).


Quentin Kopp is a strong advocate for local control and government transparency. A vociferous opponent of Wiener’s top-down one-size-fits-all-legislation, Kopp opposes SB 50. Kopp filed to run against Weiner in 2020, but was precluded by a ruling on term limits.


In a war that starts now, 450 California cities face an existential battle to save their livability, affordability and environment from Wiener and Senate Bill 50.


Below is the bullet-point summary we promised to send you, from the Nov. 2 teleconference discussion with Larry Gross.


A key issue is that Wiener will try to push SB 50 through the Senate Appropriations Committee by Jan. 24, and if he succeeds, Wiener will then attempt to shame and pressure YOUR OWN ASSEMBLY MEMBER to back it.


Though Wiener has only 12 hardcore followers, most from the Bay Area, he is being rewarded at every step on SB 50 by his powerful friend, Sen. President Pro Tem Toni Atkins (San Diego) — who is married to a developer.


Here’s what we learned at the Nov. 2 Larry Gross teleconference:


·      We have an affordability crisis, but Wiener’s narrative is false. We must preserve existing affordable housing, not approve bills that tear it down.


·    SB 50 produces VERY LITTLE affordable housing, undermines diversity and targets working-class areas for destruction.


·      Legislators are backing terrible bills thanks to grossly inaccurate media reports that CA needs 3.5 million new housing units by 2025. WRONG. We need 1.1 million units — a very doable goal. Our decimated media are quoting politicians, not checking the data.


·      It’s crucial to reframe the panic-driven narrative in Sacramento: Bills should encourage affordable housing where it doesn’t harm our working-class & middle-class neighborhoods. Such as using surplus government land and buildings.


·      Small to medium cities and electeds must INDIVIDUALLY OPPOSE SB 50 before January, as L.A. & San Francisco did in 2019. Cities and electeds have more power than any group or organization.


·      You, as city officials and community leaders, MUST reach out to your assembly member and senator NOW, to explain the false narrative and urge them to oppose SB 50.


·     Wiener views single-family homes as immoral, and he thinks yards are places where luxury apartments should stand. But voters strongly disagree, rightly seeing home ownership as THE crucial step into the middle-class.


·      Call and visit Senate Appropriations Committee members, who are being pressured by Wiener & Atkins to buckle on SB 50.


To join our Zoom meeting with Quentin Kopp on Nov. 16 at 10 am, please click or dial in about 5 minutes before 10 AM:


Use Your Computer to Instantly Join:
Or Use Your Cell to Join Via “One-Tap”


Or Use Your Phone to Manually Dial

+1 720 707 2699 Then enter meeting ID: 637 759 9629


LivableCalifornia.org is a non-profit statewide group of community leaders, activists and local elected officials. We believe in local answers to the housing affordability crisis. Our robust fight requires trips to Sacramento & a lobbyist going toe-to-toe with power. Please donate generously to LivableCalifornia.org here.


Must-read: The 3.5M lie that drives the media and the mess unfolding in Sacramento.




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