Once a Colt, Always a Colt- Class of 2018 Grad Emilio Urrutia Needs our Help

South San Francisco, CA   October 31, 2019

UPDATE DECEMBER 20th from Davina, Emilio’s mother:

Please share my sons story, he is a SSF resident, he attended Spruce, Alta Loma and graduated from El Camino in 2018. Emilio is improving daily, he still has a long road ahead of him. He is currently waking up from a coma after being his with a rare autoimmune disease, he needs all of the prayers he could get. Thank you! #PrayersForEmilio


Emilio was hit with a rare disease that attacked his immune system, It started with a headache and in a blink of an eye with no symptoms or warning he descended into a coma. Doctors could not give a diagnosis, this was so rare to happen to a young healthy 18 year old. A sweet loving boy who played football since the age of 6 until he graduated high school, Class of 2018.

This is any parents nightmare, his Mom and Dad have been totally devoted, staying by his side every moment while trying to keep some kind of normalcy with his siblings, In the interim trying to live with the cost of everyday living, maintain a household, bills, rent, gas going back and forth and not to mention upcoming medical bills. Mom has taken a leave of absence from her job to stay by Emilio’s side, sleeping at the hospital every night.



There was a time the Doctors were not sure if he was going to make it, so devastating for any parent to endure. After 3 brain surgeries, plasmapheresis, and a numerous amount of medical procedures Emilio remains in a coma and is currently in a subacute facility about 45 miles from home, where he is receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy as his family waits for him to wake up.

Emilio’s recovery may take months if not longer, and the past 60 days have been the most difficult for his family, But they are very optimistic and pray everyday for Emilio’s full recovery.

Any help is appreciated and we ask that you please continue to pray for the healing of Emilio.

Prayers For Emilio Urrutia




{EDITOR’S NOTE: We have so many in our community that have suffered unbelievable illnesses, deaths, tragedies that hit them from nowhere, blindsiding them, and crushing them with emotional, physical, and financial pain.Those are the times our community shows how strong we are, when we come together, by donating if we can, by prayers, by sharing the information, by reaching out to see if there are other ways the person/family may need support. Everything South City continues to share the fundraising efforts created by those in South Citians in need.) 


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