SSFPD Media Release:DUI Repeat-Offender Arrested

South San Francisco, CA   November 3, 2019 Submitted by SSFPD

On 11-01-2019, an alert South San Francisco Police Officer on the Department’s DUI Apprehension and Reduction Team (DART) spotted a subject driving on El Camino Real at Chestnut Avenue whom he recognized as a DUI repeat offender from the Police Department’s DUI Hot List. The officer immediately stopped the driver, 62 year-old David Damico from South San Francisco. Damico was found to be driving with a suspended driver’s license with multiple active suspensions from the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Damico is a DUI repeat-offender and has two prior convictions for driving while under the influence of alcohol within the last ten years. Damico was arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license and his vehicle was towed, impounded, and is being held for 30 days (subject to permanent forfeiture proceedings).


This was the second DUI repeat-offender arrested within the last eight days in South San Francisco. The South San Francisco Police Department works proactively with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Office of Traffic Safety on the “DUI Hot List” program. This is a program that identifies DUI repeat offenders with suspended driver’s licenses.  A comprehensive list of information on the drivers is compiled and maintained at the Department. Patrol and Traffic officers are provided with the list, photos of offenders and their vehicles, and they routinely conduct open and/or undercover surveillance operations upon the drivers. Although not required, all drivers on the DUI Hot List are mailed informational notices about these surveillance operations and they are warned not to drive.


The South San Francisco Police Department’s DUI Apprehension and Reduction (DART) team routinely conducts enforement and surveillance operations on the DUI Hot List offenders. Funding for some of these operations comes from a grant by the California Office of Traffic Safety.


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Tamara Tinker
Tamara Tinker
3 years ago

Thank you, SSFPD. DUI drivers are dangerous.