South City Family Lost Everything in Fire: Please help via GoFundMe

South San Francisco, CA   December 6, 2019

Pictures from the scene



This past Friday, November 29th, the neighbor below me had a house fire which ultimately spread to consume our house as well. Though no one was injured we unfortunately lost nearly everything in that fire. As you can imagine it’s very difficult to lose a majority of your belongings and then to be in the middle of the holiday as well is heartbreaking for my family and I. Although, we have limited insurance there is a lot of other necessities we need to cover until we can get back on our feet and create a new home. I am doing my best to help my family feel stable and get whatever is necessary to recover.

We are currently living in a hotel until any further news is received about the status of possible repairs. I’m currently working everyday with only 1 day off.

Whatever help you can give is greatly appreciated in my time of need. Please share if you can and thank you for thinking of my family during this holiday time.

Thank you.


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