There ARE Wonderful People in our Community!

South San Francisco CA   December 20, 2019  Image result for in a world where you can

There really is more goodness in our world than what most of us might see daily, especially on the internet. So it was very refreshing to hear the re-counting of such a great experience, shared by Amy T, on the other day, as she shared the holiday spirit with others. “The whole idea was to show that people are giving and thoughtful” Amy wrote when asked if we could share her story on Everything South City, knowing we all could benefit from uplifting stories.

I was shopping at Pet Club today and a complete stranger, Sharon, offered to drive to my home and help carry 2 cat posts (up a flight of stairs) to my apartment. She was just shopping with her dog, Miles, and she heard/saw me trying to get the store to deliver the cat posts. Unfortunately, they do not offer delivery service. I am disabled (after having 3 back surgeries) and could not do it myself. I am amazed that she was so selfless for a complete stranger. It just shows that there are amazing people out there. We forget with all the negativity floating around. Thanks Sharon, I will definitely pay it forward. Happy holidays everyone! ?


We have to agree with Amy as she said “I was hoping that if others saw how much joy it gave to me, that it might inspire somebody else out there to do the same.”

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