Car Dealership Proposed for Gellert Square

South San Francisco, CA   January 17, 2020

South City neighbors, especially those who live in the Westborough neighborhood near Gellert, are alarmed at hearing the Gellert Square property had been sold to a car dealership, believing that is not a good match for this area. Our sources have confirmed the property, which includes the shuttered Orchard Hardware Supply Building,Ling Nam, Toppings Academy of Martial Arts, Round Table, etc has not been sol,d and is still owned by Callan.


However, there are plans to lease this property to SF Mercedes, who will demo the existing buildings and build a luxury Mercedes dealership.The Safeway store, which is on a connecting property, will remain untouched.


It appears most of the businesses in the Gellert Square have plans to relocate nearby.  To date, it appears no permits have been pulled for any of these changes. We will update this as more information becomes available, at the request of neighbors who do not believe a car dealership belongs in this area.


2245 Gellert Blvd, South San Francisco, CA for lease - Image 1 of 3
UPDATE: Press release by the City of SSF

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