Thank You SSF Shuttle Driver and Manager; Neighbor expresses gratitude

South San Francisco, Ca    January 29, 2020Image result for people doing good deeds clipart

“I was riding the Green line SSF Free Shuttle on the last shuttle which left SSF BART station at 5:20pm. I left my work black work bag with my work laptop, wallet and keys.” Nadia Conrad Bick posted on our Facebook page a few days ago. “If anyone has any information, please help!”

It was a feel good ending that brings some of the best of our City, and those in it, as Nadia updated the following day. “My bag was found by the wonderful driver and kept safe by the manager and returned to me this morning! Thank you, God!

Too often we might focus on the negative and not give proper due attention to all that is good in our neighborhood, and our world. Upon hearing the update, Stephanie Ruble posted her response, ‘Best news ever!’

Thanks to those in our community, like the Shuttle driver and manager, who continue to bring positive vibes to us all!


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2 years ago

great to read about the nice things that SSF folks do. are these shuttle drivers employees of SamTrans?

2 years ago

Warms my heart! Thank you!