Child Parent Observation Class – Open Enrollment Every 10 Weeks – Sign Up NOW!

South San Francisco, CA   February 4, 2020

Parenting is something many believe should come natural, yet the challenges we face in today’s world can take some well tuned approaches for our parenting to be successful. Enter CHILD PARENT OBSERVATION CLASS – a program that starts anew every 10 weeks. Many locals are not aware of this offering, which wins praises from those who have taken one, or more, of these classes.


“I am a resident for SSF and my son’s school has notified us of low enrollment which worries me because I see so many children thriving in that great setting” a neighbor writes us  “It’s suitable for stay at home parents (and those with flexible schedules) and it’s open enrollment every 10 weeks. The price per child is the best I’ve seen and honestly a hidden gem of SSF.”

Curious, we asked a few more questions and share the response with you here “It’s a program Monday-Thursday from 9-1pm. The parent must attend the class with the child.” Our neighbor continues,  “there’s a portion of the class where we separate from the child and attend a parent class. The teacher then educated parents on parent topics.”


If you have little ones, or know those who do, be a good neighbor and share this information today



There are THREE family programs available:

* PARENTING Program (class based on Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson)

* PRESCHOOL program for children ages 2.5-5 years old

*BABY program for children 3 months to 2.5 years

These programs are offered through our South San Francisco School District CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

EDIT: Please note the correct phone # 650/ 827.8455, for more info.

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