Development Construction Intrudes on Local Neighbor’s Homes

South San Francisco, CA   February 3, 2020

While many of us neighbors complain about the construction issues impacting traffic, and blocking the sun and views, there are those neighbors who live right next to these construction sites and must contend with impacts on their homes, beyond the noise.


The Simmons’ are feeling it big time,  ‘OMG all day… the construction on Antoinette Lane! Our condo shakes every time they pound and dig on the ground… it is like earthquake tremor all day.I wonder how long will this be… especially on the weekend when it is our rest day from work.’


Susan France also is feeling it, as she wrote us Friday ‘Our condo building at 930 Mission Rd is shaking from the nearby construction. Our cat ran under the bed. ???’

While the City does send out Construction updates on Fridays, there is nothing that can make up for peace and quiet that we expect when we are in our own homes.


Anyone else having issues? Is so, have you found any solutions to share with others?

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Ghizlane Arsalane
Ghizlane Arsalane
3 years ago

We feel our condo shaking everyday. It feels just like an earthquake. It’s very annoying and scary at times.