GoFundMe for SSF Resident, SSFHS Alumni Holly B Menjivar-Simmons’ Recovery from Auto Accident

South San Francisco, CA   February 20, 2020 Submitted by SSF Resident, Gofundme set up by Cynthia J. O’Shea, Holly’s sister




On Sunday Morning, February 16th, my younger sister was in a horrific car accident. She was riding as the passenger and was ejected out of the car. She was unresponsive at the scene, but they were able to sustain her with a breathing tube. Along with this we learned she had major internal bleeding, a fractured pelvis and clearly had head to toe scrapes and bruises .


We’re all relieved her life was spared and she made it through. The first night was terrifying, and our biggest priority was to help her get off the breathing tube and get the internal bleeding under control. We are grateful to say she is being a trooper and fighting the odds against her. She’s breathing on her own and seems to have the bleeding down. Currently out of many possible things her major injury is a fractured pelvis. At this time she is unable to walk and of course we are helping her around the clock to get to a confidence to do so.


As many of you know this was a sudden, unplanned and unexpected tragedy for our family. Along with a totaled car, she will have a tremendous medical bill that unfortunately none of us have the means to cover. We’re kindly asking for the community of our friends and family to come together and donate anything your heart might desire to help my sister get back on her feet; not only physically, but financially.


Thank you in advance for the prayers, love and support during this time.



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