Letter to Editor: Mayor and Councilmembers Supporting Senator Scott Wiener Author of Defeated SB50

South San Francisco, CA  February 21, 2020 by Steve Watson

I just got this in the mail and it makes me mad!

Why are Mayor Garbarino and Councilmembers (Matsumoto, Nagales, Nicolas) endorsing ********** Senator Scott Wiener when Wiener is the one that wants to take power away from local governments on housing? They keep saying Sacramento is the ‘boogeyman’ the one that is forcing all this development on our City, that they are in a State strangle hold, and then endorse this same person for Senate? What is wrong with this picture? Is there a pay off?

Didn’t Wiener just spent tax dollars and waste time trying to get his over reaching SB50 passed? I don’t like what Wiener is doing to our State, and what he is trying to do to our City, and with our elected officials permission and support!

Wiener is up for reelection now, but I think terms are over for the Mayor and the Westborough but I don’t know who is in what district with this new voting thing. Who is on the November ballot? Does anyone know? We need term limits, how do we get them? We need to remember not to vote for people who think like Wiener does, who want state government taking over our City and our building.

I don’t want an apartment building next to my home like what they are forcing on people in Sunshine Gardens, no required parking, houses remade into apartments or condos. It’s bad enough they are now talking about putting in a ’boutique hotel’ a block from me! They say the represent us but then endorse someone who does not represent what residents of So SF want, no one wants his BS or SBs!



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