SSF Good Samaritan Jose ‘Pollo’ Garcia Killed on Hwy 101; GoFundMe to pay his funeral expenses

South San Francisco, CA  February 22, 2020

Early Friday morning a single car, a Scion, crashed into the center divider of SB Hwy 101 in San Mateo, blocking the #1 lane, thereby causing two other vehicles to crash into the Scion. South San Francisco resident, 31 year old Jose ‘Pollo’ Garcia, immediately responded to help, blocking lanes #1 and #2 with his vehicle, using his caution lights to warn others of the accidents.

Sadly, Jose was struck and killed at the scene by a hit and run driver in a blue or green box shaped SUV, possibly a Toyota or Subaru, according to witnesses. Jose’s 5 year old son will now grow up without his father, and his family mourns his passing, while attempting to raise funds for funeral expenses.

Please help take some of this burden from this hero’s family. May he rest in peace.




With a heavy heart we ask for help to cover Jose, “Pollo”, “Blue”’s funeral services. Jose was very kind and always willing to help anyone in need. He was trying to aid someone who had been in an accident and was unfortunately struck by another car. Jose leaves behind 5 year old son and his partner along with his mother, father and siblings. We ask for help with whatever you can, whether it’s $1 or $5, anything helps. Thank you so much.

Jose’s cousins, Diana and Ivett Garcia,  will be in charge of the funds, and will transfer all donations to Jose’s father to cover the funeral expenses.

Con el corazón pesado, pedimos ayuda para cubrir los servicios funerarios de José, “Pollo”, “Azul”. José fue muy amable y siempre dispuesto a ayudar a los necesitados. Estaba tratando de ayudar a alguien que había estado en un accidente y desafortunadamente fue golpeado por otro automóvil. José deja a su hijo de 5 años, su pareja y a su madre, padre y hermanos(as). Pedimos ayuda con todo lo que pueda, ya sea $ 1 o $ 5, cualquier cosa ayuda. Muchas gracias.

Las primas de José, Diana e Ivett García, estarán a cargo de los fondos y transferirán todas las donaciones a el padre de José para cubrir todos los gastos de el funeral.


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