State of California to Pay $50 Million in Ella T. v. State of CA Lawsuit: State Failed Equal Literacy to Low Income Minority Children

South San Francisco, CA   February 25, 2020 Hat tip to Michael Harris for submission

CalMatters has published information on the state’s $50 million payout to needy schools, ‘resolving a sweeping lawsuit that put California on trial for failing to give low-income students equal access to literacy instruction.’

The state of California today agreed to settle a years-long, high-profile lawsuit that accused the state of depriving low-income students of color of their constitutional right to a basic education — by failing to teach them reading skills.

Under an agreement reached with plaintiffs in the complaint, Ella T. v. State of California, the state will provide $50 million specifically to improve literacy in the 75 California elementary schools with the highest concentration of third-graders scoring in the bottom tier of the state’s standardized reading exam.

The agreement, part of which needs….. to read more PLEASE CLICK HERE


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