Wonderful Wednesday; Random Acts of Kindness Day

South San Francisco, CA   February 12, 2020

We sincerely believe there is a lot of good news out there…… if we look! Yet far too much of what is easily accessible nowadays is negative, disheartening, and just plain ole depressing!


To that end, Everything South City is adding a new weekly feature ‘Wonderful Wednesday; Random Acts of Kindness Day’! We invite our readers to share;

*random acts of kindness they might have performed,

*random acts of kindness someone offered to them

*random acts of kindness witnessed

We will share these stories every Wednesday. It is our hope that this will catch on and become interactive and a ‘hump day’ success, and bring some smiles and lightheartedness to us all. We believe happiness can beget happiness, and can start with one word, one smile, one random act of kindness. We would then like to choose one person/story a month to highlight.

Today is our first outreach on this new feature and we invite YOU to share that random act of kindness now!


Respond below, on our social media, or email us at News@EverythingSouthCity.com



Photo credit and a big Thank You to Donna Fentanes for sharing her beautiful photo of the sunrise captured over San Francisco Bay

Be inspired by more of Donna’s creative writing and photos HERE.

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