Letter to Editor: SSFUSD Requiring Teachers on Campuses – OUTRAGE

South San Francisco, CA   March 16, 2020 by A Concerned Resident

In an email all SSFUSD teachers received today, Superintendent Dr. Shawnterra Moore impressed upon teachers that Monday 3/16 and Tuesday 3/17 are mandatory work days. Schools have not been cleaned, and teachers are expected to congregate in faculty meetings, which in many cases ignore the county’s decree of gathering 50+ people.

Dr. Moore said that teachers who do not report for duty will use up their sick leave days (of which each person is allotted 10 per school year).

Many teachers are older, immunocompromised, or are caring for children at home — children who have been let off of school in districts throughout the Bay Area.

The school board made this decision to give teachers two days of planning time, but then urged teachers on Friday to send packets home before the end of the day. Many teachers complied with the latter directive and have no planning to do tomorrow or Tuesday.

Simply put, requiring teachers to be on campus for unnecessary meetings is irresponsible, hazardous, and unconscionable. Dr. Shawnterra Moore is flagrantly disregarding the health and well being of teachers and families.


Please, Everything South City. Tell this story. Get the district to change its tune. At least allow the union some time to negotiate with district leadership before requiring teachers to gather in unsafe numbers in unclean rooms.

Sincerely, A concerned resident


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