Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA’s Pet of the Tilapia

South San Francisco, CA   March 26, 2020 Submitted by Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA


Tilapia has been waiting to be adopted for almost three years now. Tilapia is not only independent, playful and gorgeous, she’s also supremely intelligent. She’s the type of cat who would have graduated with honors from Cambridge University and speak five languages. Tilapia is a four year old spayed female brown tabby with an adorable white spot on her nose and piercing green eyes. She’s an expert hunter of toys, especially catnip toy mice. Tilapia is seeking a home with adults only and with people who understand that she’s the type of cat who will want affection on her own terms. She’s picky about the company she keeps and that includes no other cats or children. But once Tilapia decides she likes someone, she gives her entire heart to that person. Seeking an intelligent, independent and discerning cat who will only have eyes for you? Ask for Tilapia ID# A828649.

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