Petition to Make College Road A Bee and Butterfly Bridge

South San Francisco, CA  March 29, 2020 Submitted by Jeffrey Tong, Founder, NWF Community Wildlife Habitat

Skyline College in San Bruno CA sits between Milagra Ridge and Sweeney Ridge – part of the Nat’l Park Service’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Skyline College is positioning itself to become a certified wildlife habitat. But the 2/5 mile long road to Skyline College is managed by the City of San Bruno, and the city’s “APPROVED PLANT LIST” does not contain any native plants! NWF Community Wildlife Habitat, sought to change city policy, but were ignored numerous time. We need public support to petition city council to allow us to ADOPT College Road, remove foreign invasives, and plant natives in the median to support native bees and butterflies.



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