Safeway Update from Angelique

South San Francisco, CA   March 17, 2020 by Angelique Presidente

Your favorite grocery stores may have cut their hours to better serve their customers. You may want to check their social media pages or call them if you plan on going really early or really late to ensure you are not heading out to a closed store.

Here is an example from our very own Westborough Safeway:

No photo description available.



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3 years ago

The grocery stores I have called this week have not answered their phones. The grocery delivery services I have contacted this week have no delivery dates and no delivery times available in the foreseeable future. It is becoming harder and harder to obtain the most basic necessities. Please ask San Mateo County to end “shelter in place.” Let all adults shop at will at all hours. The elderly who most need protection are being hurt the most as panic buying continues to empty shelves and fill delivery calendars. Profiteering in shipping charges is occurring in plain sight. Covid-19 is reported to be widely dispersed throughout the USA. Social distancing will no longer protect us from it. Food rationing and economic recession might prove every bit as fatal. Reopen our schools. Restart our free markets.