San Bruno Mountain Fest 2020: Celebrating 50-Years Save San Bruno Mountain – EVENTS!

South San Francisco, CA   March 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: Most locals know how passionate I am about saving the little open space we have left  in the SF Peninsula, and the need to be able to access it freely, as part of our mental and physical health, and overall well being. Fifty-years ago, as a high school student at South San Francisco High School, I was invited to participate in one of the first ‘Save San Bruno Mountain’ hikes, and from that day forward the mountain has been part of me.

During the past 50-years, thousands of acres of San Bruno Mountain, and it’s little sister, Sign Hill, have been preserved as open space for all to enjoy. And as we celebrate this milestone, it is my personal quest to see San Bruno Mountain Watch raise the funds to continue the good work being done. I want to see more and more of our youth disengage from their devices and become immersed in this amazing biodiversity wonder. To see the restoration of native plants which support the endangered life of butterflies, and more. To be able to propagate the native plants in our Mission Blue Nursery, and to see them take root in communities surrounding our mountain. To know we have the bandwidth, and organization, to continue our advocacy for future generations to appreciate that which far too many of us take for granted.

To that end, I invite you all to come play, learn, and explore with us at the multitude of events San Bruno Mountain Watch is hosting during this 2-month celebration.

Now go #TakeAHike!

-Kamala Silva Wolfe



NO San Francisco Bay, NO San Bruno Mountain,

only a leveled off area to be developed into a high-density, high-rise City,

home to 18,000- 40,000 people!


Could you image that?


That was the plan 50 years ago which brought together grassroots community groups to fight to SAVE SAN BRUNO MOUNTAIN!


This battle was hard fought and has resulted in over 2,400 acres of preserved parkland that is now under the stewardship of our State and County Park systems, with San Bruno Mountain Watch actively working to preserve and protect the native ecosystems of San Bruno Mountain, in perpetuity.



Our programs connect people to nature near where they live and help local communities learn about the importance of biodiversity as they nurture the landscapes of this unique place.


As we celebrate this 50-year anniversary milestone, we look forward to the next 50-years extending our work at San Bruno Mountain Watch of EDUCATION, STEWARDSHIP, OUTREACH, ADVOCACY, and our amazing MISSION BLUE NURSERY!


The Bay Area, and the San Francisco Peninsula specifically, have seen a tremendous boom in development this past decade making the work we do even more important.


We invite you to learn more about the self-sacrificing efforts made by many over the past 50-years, and to gain a deeper appreciation for this incredible biodiversity hotspot right here in the middle of our concrete jungle, and explore our visions for the next 50-years!


San Bruno Mountain Watch will be hosting 2-months of events, offering something for everyone, as we work hard to ensure all our local community neighbors, and beyond, have the opportunity to interact with the multiple aspects of this glorious open space!



We kick off San Bruno Mountain Fest 2020 Saturday March 7th at 47 Hills Brewing Company, from 3-6pm. This family, and dog-friendly, venue will be THEE place to be! Come enjoy live music, face painting, raffles, membership opportunities, learn from our new mobile museum, and meet others who share our passion.


Please see our events listed below, and sign up for updates {CLICK HERE} as we are adding more events during this 2-month period!


For more information please contact us at 415/467.66631 or email


Kamala Silva Wolfe


President; San Bruno Mountain Watch

Chair: San Bruno Mountain Fest 2020


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