Signs of Hope: Chalked Sidewalks, Teddy Bears in Windows, Christmas Lights – Perhaps Sign Hill Tree too?

South San Francisco, CA   March 24, 2020

South City neighbors are seeking ways to brighten up the lives of others in many creative ways, as the mandated order to shelter in place continues through April 7th, and possibly beyond. We are sharing a few ideas and encourage neighbors to participate, and to think of new ways we can lift each other up, especially as we take isolated walks in our neighborhoods. From hunting Teddy Bears in windows, to enjoying off season Christmas lights – possibly including our own Sign Hill tree, to ‘chalk your walk’, South City neighbors are showing their resilience!

Please share your ideas and photos of what you see in YOUR neighborhood!

CLICK HERE to send so we can share with our larger community!



A wonderful creative suggested offered by South City neighbor, Tiffany; Encourage neighbors to put Teddy Bears up in their windows, to allow local children to hunt, and see them when they take walks in their area.I saw this posting on Instagram and I thought we should make a post where neighbors and the community put a bear up in their window so families with kids can go in the “hunt” to find them by walking around” Tiffany writes us. It’s a great idea, and one we hope neighbors will take to heart!


Teddy bear



We also have many people putting up Christmas lights on their homes, as a way to lighten the bleakness many of us are feeling. One neighbor was a bit hesitant, understandably uncertain what is ‘normal’ nowadays.  “I am thinking of putting up some window lights, mostly Parols (Christmas Lanterns), but if there are more negativity than I won’t.” they wrote “I am wondering if you can do a poll to your followers to get their feelings on this.” So, what do you say South City?


Our Sign Hill tree is a beacon of light for many on the Peninsula, and this should be a time our City might consider lighting it, to offer light at this time of seemingly darkness. What says you Mayor Garbarino, is this something we might be able to accomplish, as we know how much this symbol brings to us all?


Another well received creative idea we are seeing through out South City, neighbors ‘Chalk Your Walk’ with uplifting messages for those walking in their blocks.

Image may contain: grass and outdoor

These encouraging chalk messages are popping up across South City, this one created by Marie Helene


No photo description available.

Nour shares this photo “We love the idea❤️”


Image may contain: 1 person

Another share from Nour, a great idea to get neighbors walking by to engage in a game of hop skotch!


No photo description available.

Dana shares her photo “We did ours Saturday’, she writes


Image may contain: outdoor

another share from Dana – good reminders!


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Katrina shared these with us the other day, saying her family just started doing this.


Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Proud artist showing encouraging words in chalk for neighbors who go for walks.


Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

Mareth shares this a few days ago on our Facebook page ” chalked my walk this morning!?? “



Image may contain: indoor

Kathleen shares this photo of lights on your porch


In other areas, some are tying red ribbons around trees –

from Marilyn, sweet bears!


What other creative ideas do you have to lift your neighbors up?


UPDATES will be made to add new items sent to us – thank you!


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Jovana shares: I always light up my front window with some decor and my little neighborhood kids enjoy it as well as my twins . Easter ? lights up in the window.

Thanks to Geri for sending us this great chalk walk!


Image may contain: people sitting

Theresa has added a sweet bear in her window so little ones, and big ones, passing by, can smile!


And these great smile getters were sent to us by Einnoc – thank you!

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Image may contain: one or more people, child and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and outdoor


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Carmen has it covered with lights AND teddy bears!

No photo description available.

Thanks to the Au family for this great idea, and for sharing! Orange Library!

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Thanks to the Au family for this great idea, and for sharing! Orange Library!

Christmas lights are bringing like and hope to us all! Thanks RC!




Mya shares: My little ones enjoy the ride with their friends!!! Ee changed our car, however we make sure they ride with us all the time…


And more! Added Sunday April 5, 2020

WOW! thanks to Christine H for sharing this incredible performance by these young men in Italy. Viva al Vida!

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2 years ago

I am to old to go out, but I will ask my neighbors to allow their kids to chalk my sidewalk

2 years ago

I love the ideas but I am afraid to go out, to old to take a chance

Davylyn Perez
Davylyn Perez
2 years ago

I absolutely love the positivity around these activities. Stay Healthy and Stay Creative…Support your local business by ordering food to go/delivery.