South City Native Needs Community Help: GoFundMe set for Krystle Tiare Powell

South San Francisco, CA   March 19, 2020

Born and raised In the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood,  Krystle Tiare Powell, attended Sunshine Gardens Elementary School, Parkway Heights Middle School, El Camino High School and Baden High School. For over six years, Krystle was a Student and Assistant Instructor Student Black Belt Rank for Bill Grossman’s school of Kenpo Karate in Brentwood. Recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Krystle is now seeking help to pay the upfront costs associated with treatment for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, which has a high success rate IF treatment is immediate.


Now she is turning back to our community in her time of need.

From Krystle:

Approximately two months ago i was having some strange feeling in my left breast and eventually did a self breast exam only to find a large lump, upon further examining another lump was felt in my left armpit.


I headed to my nearest urgent clinic & was told to immediately have a ultrasound & mammogram done asap. i gave it a week or two as the urgent care provided me with antibiotics, i started having vomiting spells & feeling awful all around.


I then decided to head to the emergency at Sutter delta in Antioch. an ultrasound was done immediately along with a full CBC blood test. The ER doctor told me i had what looked like a large mass & needed to schedule a mammogram immediately & gave me educational materials on breast cancer. i was absolutely terrified & confused as i was not in a great deal of pain. jump ahead a couple of weeks now to the mammogram & another ultrasound at sutter delta, only now the radiologist tells me there are three complex cysts in my left breast & they want to monitor them but to make an appointment with my primary care provider to schedule or refer me to a surgeon & oncologist.


About a week after this i went in and had another ultrasound and spoke to a general surgeon & an oncologist. eventually i had a punch biopsy and after about a month or so I have now been diagnosed with what they call stage one icd (invasive ductal carcinoma)


It’s completely treatable & has a high success rate if treatment is immediate. I am now in the process of starting a treatment plan at Sutter delta in Antioch,


What is of course needed to be paid after medical insurance up front before I can start the 13 weeks of chemotherapy & then hormonal therapy drugs.


I haven’t been able to even get started even after securing my state license as a phlebotomist because of the symptoms I have constantly been having these past couple month along with losing my hair even before treatment, no appetite, constantly vomiting through out the day. changes in my body temperature with low grade and occasionally high grade fevers.


So, this gofundme is in preparation of the next 13 weeks and so on of securing my treatment and making sure i have enough funds to travel back and forth for treatment couple of times a weeks and follow up doctor’s visits along with daily living expenses which are very last to treatment.


This not asking for anything more than to get through this treatment without added stress & worry of making each treatment session & follow up appointment. i appreciate everything in advance and will update as best I can.


Even scared, I am confident this will all be something to look back on and know that staying strong and positive helped me beat this in the end.


Please CLICK HERE to make a donation, to leave words of encouragement, and to follow Krystle’s progress.


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