The Power of Social Distancing

South San Francisco, CA   March 19, 2020

The New York Times offers a great insight into the ‘Exponential Power of Now’ and why social distancing is so important:


If you start with two rabbits and the number doubles every week, you’ve got about 1,000 rabbits after 10 weeks. That doesn’t seem so bad. But another 10 weeks later? You’ve got a million. It’s intuitively very hard to grasp how quickly these numbers go up beyond a certain point — people tend to anchor on the low numbers at the beginning, when the curve is relatively flat.

But the same exponential effect is equally powerful with mitigation efforts — staying home now, for example


To read the full NYT article CLICK HERE

From another source, Signet Labs, this diagram offers a good visual to help us understand why sheltering in place is necessary.



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