A Candle in the Darkness

South San Francisco, CA  April 24, 2020 by Mel Ellison, ESC Correspondent

    When faced with disaster there are those that run from it, and those who run straight at it. As for the calamitous pandemic that has transformed our daily lives into what resembles a science fiction movie, I know I speak for us all when I say that we are grateful for the men and women of the health care field who are running straight towards the danger and for the sacrifices they are making to try and contain the virus, and help those affected by it. For the rest of us, we do what little we can to help wherever we can, while we continue to shelter -in-place.

      But for South City resident Sarjit Singh, who is also a San Bruno based Farmers Insurance agent, just sitting on the sidelines during this pandemic was not an option. He was determined to find some way he could help, something he could do to make a difference. So in that spirit of community service, Sargit recently ordered and personally delivered 500 plus bagged meals to Kaiser Daly City and SSF employees, as well as Police and Fire Departments in both San Bruno and South San Francisco.
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     It should be noted that Sarjit has a special connection with Kaiser SSF since both his wife and daughter work there as health care workers; his wife for more than 25 years and daughter going on 7 years. It seems helping others runs in the family.
     His daughter Priya says she first heard about her dad’s act of kindness via a FB message from a former co-worker that read, “Tell your dad thank you for lunch blessings”. When she read that message,  Priya says “…my heart melted”. It was only later that she found out that her dad had treated so many hard working folks to lunch. And it should be noted that by treating all these dedicated professionals to a meal, his actions went a long way towards helping some small vendors and suppliers stay in business as well.
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     In a post on Sarjit’s FB page he says, “It’s a great feeling to give back to our community during these difficult times, help keep our client’s and vendor’s food businesses going, and be part of a big organization such as Farmer’s Insurance Group…who are always out there supporting our community during a crisis.”
     Daughter Priya is understandably and justly proud of her dad’s act of kindness and she has this message for him: “Dad, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, for not only always making sure your family is okay but your community as well. I feel so proud and blessed to have you in my life. You are amazing.”
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     We at ESC think he’s amazing too, and we’re glad we can show our appreciation by shining a light on his good deed. Thank you Sarjit!

Mel Ellison is a free-lance writer and photographer who covers special features for Everything South City as well as taking the role of co-admin on our social media. Married to Lynn Brunetti, they enjoy family time with their grandchildren and enjoying their Brentwood neighborhood in South San Francisco. When not dazzling us with his photography you will find Mel on the open seas pursuing his love of sailing or creating music as he is also an accomplished musician.

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