Do NOT Go To Bed HUNGRY! South City’s Taco El Guero Offers Help

South San Francisco, CA   April 4, 2020


If you’ve ever driven by Orange Memorial Park, you most likely have seen TACO EL GUERO’s food truck parked near the soccer field, with plenty of smiling satisfied customers ordering and eating nearby. Owners, Fatima and Alejandro are known to cook up some extra TLC in their orders, and now they are extending their heartfelt offerings to those in need.


‘If you are out of a job, without food, please do not go to sleep on an empty stomach, especially if you have children.” They write “Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send me a message, I will gladly share something with you, I do not have much but what I have I can share, they have taught me that where one eats, they eat 2, 3, etc.”

No longer able to service their loyal customers via their food truck, or continue with their wonderful catering events, they, like many other food establishments, have had to shutter their door. No service, no income – YET they continue to reach out to those in our community that are in need.  They will even use tips to help fund this effort.

PLEASE be sure to check on neighbors to see they are getting what they need, and share this message with them.

**You can reach Fatima at 650/995.0759 and Alex at 650.995.0758, and text them if you are in need of a meal. 

Tacos El Guero is known for serving every order with an uplifting smile and kind word, and even today in our changing world, they leave us with this:

‘We will leave this storm together, nothing is forever, and calm will come so we must help each other.

We are there for what you need. With all my heart I tell you!!’





Located on Orange Ave, raffle tickets will be available - Win a catered party for 30 on SBS!

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